IS Facebook organic reach Dead in 2019?

Today i saw a very good article about the death of organic reach in facebook pages see the picture now the problem comes to that i have past 1 year (i am just in the begining and i am doing this just on side because 90% of my focus are on Instagram) and i have a page that her reach is very dead even if when i boost suprisingly everyone like my post like you know facebook now is all about money and forces to pay “pay to play” but what i really want to know is if i wanna build a big brand with no monetization like for example just growing my page for 1 year and get to 50000 like then start doing some partneships…

Like for example the pages that create content are contacted by brands to produce content for them in their own page and be payed for that “partneship” . No blog no affiliation no dropshipping just a brand that produce unique entertainement content

Is it worth it or (the thing that seem to me the most logical but i need some confirmation) switch to Instagram because organic reach is Not dead and it’s the right platform if you’re planning just to create content then monetize with partnerships in the long-term when you have enough big fan base because like i said i am not at all interested at creating a page just to monetize it with some ads and all of that i want to create a long term business .

Give me your advice on that and also your opinion on this picture and what you think about all of that

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It’s been dead for years.

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How is it possible because now some people tell that it’s dead others tell that it’s not please clarify more your answer why you think it’s dead ?

This was true in 2014. People still grow btw.


I don’t think any social media platform is dead at the moment. As botting is restricted compared to before, Instagram is forcing you to be active and providing content. This is good as your growth will now be genuine and prove more results in the long run.

Facebook is still my best traffic source, but obviously not with pages :wink:

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Yes i know theygrow but even with the best marketers possible don’t you think the “Facebook organic reach” lower your reach even if you are doing good , like before 1 month i was having very good engagement with no ads now that facebook killed my reach for no reason i sometimes boost my post and boo guesswhat ?now that i payedthem and people see my post it works so you an see it’s not a problem from mycontent , timing… it’s just that for no valuable reason facebook when i reached 10k suddenly drop hugely my reach

So now that you tell that people still grow do you think withthe big algorithm change in 2018 (that just finished all hopes about getting more engagement with your page because they have prioritized friends post) are the pages still the future of facebook and do you see facebook return in her big prime to really compete with Instagram or should i just switch to Instagram if my only plan is growth with no intention to make money in the short term

Also for the problem that i said i contacted them many times when they responded they were telling me that there was no restrictions and they don’t know how to solve my problem…LOL

But i didn’t give up i still boost ads because that’s the only option to have my organic reach back and whenever i get great engagement with boosted post the next organic post still not have the reach i need to recover my engagement so the last thing i want to test if it don’t work i think i will fully switch to Instagram is instead of 1/2 dollar i am gonna invest in 1 boost post perfect timing perfect post …and make a 20/30dollar boost post and see what happen if i do it , should i make it with a custom audience or with my own audience ? And will it be the solution to recover my engagement knowing that i have already done it but with low amount and nothing changed

(also didn’t mention that i delete some posts when i see that i only get 5 like in 1 hour instead of 200 like in 1 hour like before this problem happended… Does it affect on it or not ?)

I didn’t tell that facebook is organic is dead but i just wanted to know if it’s worth to put on it effort and time to just to have no result after.

Like for example the pages that are every day active and have big number of page likes but 90% of their community don’t even see their post that’s a disgrace imagine you past 4/5 years putting big effort into growing a page and you have results like that this is just sad , yes i know many people “still make living with facebook” but is it with page quality content and partneship like it is possible on Instagram or just with spam , facebook ads,affiliation,cpa,dropshipping … some short term businesses that’s where the debate of Does Facebook worth to spend time,effort,money on it or no beacause no one also know if their situation gonna be more awful next years than now because Mr.Mark is busy with his crypto project

Facebook has moved it’s focus from pages to groups and sponsored posts. That’s how most people thrive on there now


yeah i saw an article about the fact that the next Facebook gonna be fully about groups and friends do you think this will get a big bump to all who use for now the groups feature and does that mean it’s the end of pages in 2019/20 ? (Because i think it’s a big YES) and if so should i forget about growing my page and focus just on group growth ?

here is the link of the Article tell me what you think about all of that guys and how do you see facebook in this next years is it gonna be dead totally or survive and how it can survive :slight_smile:

But i think that this is down specially when something is posted with link.
I am doing promotion of my link in comments.

It’s hard to answer your question. As with anything, there is always a way to improve and beat the system. Anything is worth it if you put the time and patience; for example I don’t think botting is or was ever meant for abusing the system, but instead mimic what you would do.

Sadly this thing of time and patience will be real if Facebook was a platform that care about users of course like any other SM platform they care about money + The plaform itself wich is not the case with Facebook they don’t give a damn about creators their support when you got problem they don’t answer you, their algorithm ended 95% of the organic reach and it will go down more , their stucture is very awful and bad for people tha want to begin in soical media marketing like for example instead of doing business account + personnal separately they mix them and you are forced to cope with it not like Insta;twitter…

their rules are very strict yes of course people still make money with it but to tell me that beginners have a chance to get big organic reach that’s a big no unless you are a pro marketers and you know how to grow a page or group with bootiing , fake profiles,scraping adding users and last but no least Facebook ads “their famous source of income”…

for me it is.