Is follow/unfollow killing my account?

So I’ve been doing follow unfollow to reach 45k followers in 4 months.

And like my post have doing well. They’ve stopped doing well fora while but then started again to do well. And now thhey started doing bad yesterday (for me bad is less than 10k views in 24h) and idkwhy.

My videos normally get around 40k-200k views in 48h or smth like that. But like i post videos that go viral on explore page but can get the same 400k views as others get and idk why. Hashtags are good,everything is cool,i post viral content but i still dont get the same views

And today they were doing bad so i tried fuelgramlike group and it dropped even more.

Is it because of follow/unfollow? Should I stop it? What should I do instead?

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If it’s just been a few days, I’d attribute that to the holidays/new year and people being preoccupied with travel and family, parties, travel and things like that. If it doesn’t pick back up in a few days, then maybe there’s more going on.

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This time of year is a killer for engagement. It was even the case pre algorithm years ago. People are busy with Christmas and New Year festivities. It’ll pick up in the second week of January once everyone is back into the swing of regular life.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


it took you 4 months – and past few days are crappy in IG, there is something you can do do improve.
Wait —
that simple.
a few days or even a week is not a indicator your account needs attention —
IG goes up and down in ER – learn that and you will not panic. you might say –
‘dude, shut up – this does not help’
actually – it does – if you stop what was working becuase it has a few bad days or even few weeks-- you might really go into that scene were you do have to worry.


Supplementing short-term low engagement with engagement groups is never a good idea in my experience. When you stop using engagement groups your engagement will just drop lower again. If your content is good and you haven’t changed anything but your engagement is still dropping/low, chances are it’s on Instagram’s end.


Is this a topic in the forum?

No, but I posted all the information in those 2 pictures that I have :slight_smile:

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Could you link the blog/forum/idk? it seems really nice

You are a leader for a reason. Thanks for this.

I believe my f/uf sources are poor. Engagement is sh*$. Story views have plummeted to an all time low (pun intended).

It’s 2019…I have to level up

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You reckon? Why?

Its almost a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation.

Everything you need you can be found on MPSocial :slight_smile:. Participate and help more to reach level2. After that you will have access to more content.


It’s always safer not to try and out-smart Instagram.

Yes, it’s basically a lost cause. Post reach and engagement is going to continue to drop as Facebook becomes less popular. Why? Instagram is going to start encouraging users to spend money on ads like what happened on Facebook. With this said, I don’t think it will get to the point where accounts with 100,000 followers are only getting 100 likes per. post- people would abandon the platform if this happened.

few years back it was worse on facebook BTW. Nobody left really — it still is here. Same with Insta, see — there really is no other place else. Instagram is a different beast than facebook – facebook does not have a explore section. That right there is why Insta by nature will never become a exact Facebook – Yet, reach will decline in it


it is still working for me but the follow back ratio has definitely declined over time.

Engagement comes and goes, just keep doing what you were doing and it will come back

Or maybe not. :joy: