📰 Is Google Creating a New Social Media App?

Google hit it out of the park with its app Google Photos, which became one of the most loved apps in the country. Perfect for editing, storing, and sharing, it’s no wonder why Photos has garnered such a positive response among users. But it appears that Google isn’t stopping there, and that this won’t be the only photo based app that Google has up its sleeve.

It’s predicted that the new app will be specifically geared toward the editing and sharing of photos. You might be thinking, “What would be the point?” After all, Photos already serves this purpose, so why another app? But with the growing popularity of smartphone photography and the ability to share memories in the blink of an eye, there is an increasing pressure posed by competitors and other significant tech companies. One example of this competition is Facebook’s Moments. It is rumored that the new Google app might function similarly to Moments, allowing users to combine photos or edit them together and then organize them.

Some reports have implied that the new app might only be an experiment, and that it will never actually see the light of day. If that’s the case, we will never get to see the app and all the speculation will be for naught. As of right now, there are no launch plans, but that could change at any time.

What reports seem certain of is that this will not be just another messaging app, and that its primary focus will definitely be on collaborative photo editing. Some say it may resemble Paths, an app that allowed small groups of friends to chat with each other while sharing photos. Paths came at a time when Facebook and Twitter served as the main social media giants, and it reached the users who wanted something a bit more private, less open.

Google was interested in Paths, evidenced by the fact that they attempted to purchase it, but that endeavor ultimately proved unsuccessful. Instead, Paths was acquired by Kakao, a Korean company whose forte was in messaging, and the app has since shrunk considerably.

So what can we ascertain about this new Google app? Will it be as popular as Photos? Will it provide competition for Facebook’s Memories? Will we ever get to try it at all? The issue is still surrounded by a fair amount of uncertainty, but for now we will just have to place our trust in the experts at Google and wait to see if they launch something that changes the social media game.

G+ might be dying but they don’t seem to give it, they will continue to try new things until they succeed. What do you think, does this app have any chance of making it big?


Probably another attempt at a hybrid Wave/Buzz/G+ like they keep trying, maybe they’ll finally make something that they don’t cancel after a year of being crappy :joy:

Surprisingly, Photos was not something people needed at the time, and I suspect it didn’t get cancelled because everybody automatically had access to it through their devices and gmail accounts, or simply moved over from Picasa. It was an easy “OK I’ll use this instead of Flickr or Dropbox because it’s part of my account,” whereas the other services they came up with were just bad social media ideas hacked together to try competing in an already overcrowded space.

Though that seems to be the way things are going now in tech, nothing new just copycat competition. Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, Vine, Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live

I guess Photos are what they’ve managed to make work, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an Instagram competitor.



well, why bother to invent something new that might not work instead of copying something that you know works, right? :smiley:

haha, that would be interesting and something to hop on early if it works like IG…


more work for MP team comming :smiley:


I think we all would salivate at getting in on the ground floor of any software that could take advantage of any social media platform.

I don’t really understand what google lacks. They have the top most customer base stack way before FB, Insta, Snapchat came into the picture.

But why do they keep failing to draw the crowd? And why do they keep failing product launches?

I like the G Glass, i was hoping it would be mainstream. But they scrapped it before it hits the peak, and now oculus and vive took over. Only to rethink their strategy and try to relaunch it to compete maybe in 2018. Like WTF?

They should get their act (shit) together.

One thing they do, is called rapid prototyping. But i guess it also comes with rapid failing. :laughing:


They have the brains, the money, and all the resources and maybe that’s the problem. So many of these other popular things were started in a more grassroots way. Good ideas and direction don’t necessarily come from the top down, often they work best from the bottom up.

In fact, even things like IG and Snapchat were both started by small teams or a single person and then bought out by the big companies, most of Google IP’s have been purchased as well, I think?

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