Is Having 31 Separate Jarvee Accounts Unreasonable?

Disclaimer, I’m a noob

I’m planning on using Jarvee for a really expensive project that will cost me almost $1,000/month to run with Jarvee. I’m planning on having 31 separate Jarvee accounts ($29.95/month plan) with each Jarvee account having 4 Instagram accounts on it. This will cost me $928.45/month to run.

The reason why I’m having so many Jarvee accounts with only 4 Instagram accounts being linked to each one is because, I will be assigning each Jarvee account to one of my staff members. So one staff member will own a Jarvee account (that I pay for) that will have 4 Instagram accounts that they control. This strategy of giving each member their own Jarvee account is so I don’t have to worry about proxies since each member will only have 4 Instagram accounts under their IP which means there would be no need for proxies. Each Instagram account in Jarvee will be set to message 24 accounts per day.

If I was to choose the $69.95 plan that allows 70 accounts and I put 70 Instagram accounts on one Jarvee account, I would have to pay for filipino proxies for each one account since my staff is from the Philippines, and this method would cost a lot more than this separate 31 Jarvee account method I’m going for. And this is because proxies in the Philippines are super expensive since they are not common.

I’m explaining all of this because I need to know if it’s possible first. Is it possible for me to own all of these Jarvee Accounts and assign them to one staff member? Is it possible to not assign any proxies if each Jarvee account only has 4 Instagram accounts under it? Will having each Instagram account set to messaging 24 people per day be too spammy and get the account action blocked? What’s the best email provider to make unlimited instagram accounts with and how do I even sms verify all of them? These are all of the questions that I’m confused with. I really really really want to use Jarvee but there are many things I’m uncertain with. Any responses would mean the world to me. Thanks in advance!

Here’s your most concise response.

Completely unnecessary.


You’re overthinking & overcomplicating it for no reason.

And it shows you have no experience on the platform.

How about grow one account & try a few things out before deciding to blow $1000/month+ hoping others will do the hard work for you to find success?


I would ask for a discount. Don’t know if they will give it to you, but you can always ask.

I understand that you have 31 staff members, and you want to teach them all how to use Jarvee, and you expect that this will go well? I am using this software already for some years, and I still learn new things almost every day.

You do not need mobile proxies from the Philippines, other countries are good also. And you can easily use more than 1 account on 1 proxy.

To answer your other questions; You can use 4 Instagram accounts on a home IP without proxies. Messaging 24 a day will work with good accounts. Verifying accounts by SMS you can do best with your own sim cards. Making your own accounts isn’t easy. I now use email addresses, real phone numbers (own sim cards) on a mobile IP…


I don’t need any proxies from the Philippines for my staff even though they physically reside in the Philippines? So proxies in China or America would work as well?

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Yes, mobile proxies in other countries are also ok. And you can easily put 2 or 3 accounts on 1 proxy.


Do you have any proxy recommendations? These are the only 3 I’m aware of,

Pricing: 40gb/month $12.5/gb
Annual cost: $6000/year

Pricing: 38gb/month $450/month
Annual cost: $5400/year

Pricing: $395/month for 150 proxies
Annual cost: $4740/year

You can look at the market place on this forum. I now use 💎 Mobile proxies • 20$ month - Static, Rotating 4G/LTE Mobile Proxies

The first 2 examples you mention are very expensive. Your last example (highproxy) are datacentre proxies, not mobile proxies.

You should also think about your staff needing to have their computer on all day to run the software. And you probably need to use scrape accounts also (can be on datacentre IP’s).


Sorry noob but you do not know what you do not know
As previously stated start slow

Start with 4 accounts & see how it goes for 3 months

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Why you want to start off the bat with such a large setup?

Why not start with one batch of 4 accounts that message other accounts and see how it goes after one week (or month) and then start adding more accounts.

I think is better to grow your setup gradually, rather than all at once.

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You only want to use Jarvee to send 24 messages per account each day?
That can be done manualy,why not just have them load 4 accounts on their phone,which will be more safe than using Jarvee.
Also i dont know of any way Jarvee can accept or read pending messages,so if you have people Dm-ing your accounts,Jarvee will not be able to see these messaages.
Just use the Instagram phone app for this.

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For 4 accounts only, why not use a mobile phone? No need of Jarvee and proxies

Just my 2cents here: don’t use yahoo emails - after some time. these email accounts can get banned. I would rather use or is the same as, same worthless company who banned all my email accounts after not logging in for more than a year. I lost about 50 very nice IG accounts because of them.

And with protonmail it is the same, they delete your account after not logging in for a while.


Yeahhh…there’s a lot other costs you’re going to consider if you’re a noob. You will for sure need to pay for some good emails, phone verifications, time, and Tylenol (I’m not joking), etc. If you’re starting out with that many accounts, I guarantee you that ALL of them will be banned and you will have to replace all of them. If you’re okay with that, here’s some other things you should consider in your budget:

  • Computer for each employee (and a VPS for each employee if you want)
  • HQ emails since you’re starting out
  • Proxy for each employee
  • Purchasing new accounts (almost everyday)
  • Scraper accounts
  • Phone verification numbers
  • Proxies for scrapers
  • Tylenol (everyone will get pissed from seeing every account get banned)
  • Time (you will need to dedicate a lot of time reading up on everything on MP Social to know how to direct your team on what to do)

Again, I’m with everyone else and don’t recommend doing this at all, but best of luck…


That’s why I loved rediffmails :slight_smile:
Didn’t saw it was two months ago tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also rediffmail deletes your accounts after a while. The only providers I know not doing this are gmail and yahoo/aol. Yahoo is most easy to use, there security procedures are more predictable than gmail.


As @dimitri pointed out, those also have a shelf life.

If you want to hold valuable accounts for an “unlimited” time, always use your own domains. This way you do not need to worry about all this free email provider bullshit.

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True that. What’s your take on IG creation with domain emails, @HenryCooper ?
@dimitri Do you have to enable android mail on each separate yahoo because that’s something I am battling right now?

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The last time I made empirical tests about that specific topic was quite some time ago. Fresh accounts, especially now during election times, will have a hard time, no matter what email you use :slight_smile:


Android? I just use the Yahoo webmail.

Yahoo requires both a phonenumber and a recovery email on the acocunt.
I always buy Yahoo PVA accounts, they already have a phonenumber.
When logging into the webmail for the first time Yahoo will ask you to add a recovery email. Always do that! I use own domains with catch all email addresses for that.That way I can easily create unlimited recovery emails.

With a login Yahoo sees as suspicious they will ask for verification, and you can always choose between a code sent to the phone number iin the account or to the recovery email address.

Yahoo is very predictable. You can always choose between the email and phone number. Gmail is different, if you do not own the phone number you can get into trouble if they think only the email address is not enough.

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