Is having fake bot accounts identity theft?

wheres the line ? i remember a guy getting hit by facebook for having tons of facebook accounts with fake names and same CC names matching the account to run paid traffic and he was hit with identity theft not sure what happened to him afterwards but im just curious what rules apply to instagram since they’re technically the same company

I remember there was two guys about 2 years ago. They used CC’s to pay fb ads.

Bad thing: the CC’s were all stolen. So FB and Police :rotating_light: involed.

And yes it’s at least identy theft if you do that :nerd_face:

but im talking about going to your bank and requesting 50 CC under those fake names that you made the fake accounts under i wonder what kind of rules / law applies to IG

There is no law that says you can’t make up fake names for instagram accounts. Unless you are stealing CC numbers or identities you shouldn’t be worried.