Is IG REALLY and FULLY automated on MP?

Hi guys,

I really wanted to jump into IG… but i do not want to get more work for me…

I have been focusing on FB… and the friend and photo id and mobile verification is slowing me down on FB…

I believe I remember MP created an AUTOMATED PHONE VERIFY for IG?

Does IG only do complete ban or phone verify?

what other blocks does IG do?

There’s various blocks that you can experience on IG too, just play smart and you’ll avoid them.

They can block you from following, unfollowing, liking, sending messages.

They can ask for phone or email verification.

And the worst they can do is ban your account.

Sometimes it happens they block all features because of link in your profile or some words in bio…

There’s really a lot of things that you need to pay attention to, but it’s doable, especially when you get used to it and see how it works.

There’s a feature in Mass Planner to automatically do phone verification with smspva or hidemynumber services, but I would recommend not to use those. Better solution would be to get your own sim cards for IG verification.


I see…

yeah that sim card thing is a lot of work… lol

thanks for the info!

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