Is influencer promoting your account a scam?

I received an offer from my engagement group about getting xx,000 followers through 3 influencers’ (with 100k-1.2M followers) promotion. It is claimed to be guaranteed reach or the influencers will continue to promote until the number is hit? Before I seriously consider it as an option for my personal travel account (great and massive original contents), I want to reach out to your experts in this area here to see whether it is a feasible and legit method. I know there are so many scams out there in IG marketing/promotions and your advice or even alternative ideas are more than welcome.

Thank you!

Depends if its a contest loop or an actual shoutout. Reach doesn’t mean follow. Contest loops will give you followers but not engaging ones and they may drop off over time.

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Thanks! It is some sort of giveaway. I guess it is a contest loop then. So in your opinion, it is not worth the cost for xx,000 that will mostly dropoff quickly.

Followers would not be interested in your page and will not interact with your content, because they will follow you only because they were told to do that (due to giveaways)
So all you will get is a nice number of followers and low engagement %


Will they be at least in the same niche? Because if not, that is quite pointless if you want a healthy account with an engaging userbase.

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They are some sort of models so no I don’t think I am in their niche as I am outdoors/travel only.

Then there is not much of a point in it. Might be better to connect with people in the same niche and grow together.

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Do you think M/S is the best method now and days then? Thanks!

That depends on your goal. What do you want to achieve at the end of the day?

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just a general goal of being on IG, making it an outstanding account for myself which means good following #, good engagement and healthy growth. Not look to sell my account as an end goal at all.

For me, that is not how I would define a goal. What is the endgame? You can only compare the possible options if you really know what you want :slight_smile:

Endgame?!? One day I can live off my account, getting endorsement deals, getting paid on sponsored contents. I can’t think pass that anymore lol does it define what I should do to grow my account?

Just FYI, @Instahelpneeded has the following in his profile;

I have an instagram profile and like it to grow. It is personal not business.

I think it plays a big role in what goals you have. Most people have completely unrealistic goals when it comes to growth and the actual outcome from it. Those goals should define how much budget and how much time you invest in it. So my short answer is, Yes.

Maybe PM me your Instagram handle to I can take a better look.

@Instahelpneeded thanks for the PM.

As I see it so far you used engagement groups, which limited your reach really badly. Especially once you are not participating in those group (as it can be seen with a few posts) rounds anymore.

The good news is, you are in the outdoor niche, which should be easy to grow from my past experiences and it is a quite forgiving niche.

And I know the course of correction is finding engaging audience. Are we all thriving to do? But how? Any recommendations for a average Joe who is slow at all the technical skills, proxies, MS, acct creations, scraps, etc. it is not like I can’t learn, but it will take me a very LONG time. I don’t like engagement groups but some engagement is better to have less engagement.

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