Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


Once it hits the shitty news sites, you know it’s real and not just “us,” also it’s really sad how poorly they run things. Downtime frequency for such a big company should be almost non-existent. 99% uptime is the norm for services, but we probably get 90 with FB/Insta these days, maybe less.



Yeah, but we all know what happens when they do stuff like this.


It’s down for me as well


Same here, I’m in Birmingham, UK


It’s down for everyone. Usually they roll out big changes when this happens. Or sometimes small. I think the last one was a very reduced API call amount.


Updates, right?


Additional “features”


Had a mini panic attack when it wouldn’t load then I came to my senses and came to the board to check out the happenings, glad to see this thread.


We definitely need a man on the inside to make us aware of this things.

Heart attack because of social media platform update is a serious threat in this century.


Anyone know how long approximately, it would be down for? When was the last time this happened and for how long? :open_mouth:


Nothing to get worked up about. When a client emails in with a problem just tell them Instagram is down for everyone and send them the down detector link. Easy work. It’s a pain that I can’t setup new clients admittedly but like @Alexnvo said ’ Pornhub is still up’ :yum:


Let me text Zuckerberg :slight_smile:

He said 6 hrs, 17 mins and 32 second. +/- 48 hrs


Did you tell him about that cornhub thing being online still? They apparently never have downtime.


Same in cornwall


Kents down too!

Could be Storm Gareth…


Down in San Francisco


miami is down also… we cant enter new accounts.


Truly showing their incompetence with no acknowledgement of issues as every other service does within minutes of learning about downtime.

No info on Twitter, no info on their own site, yet everyone else on the internet knows… and has for hours.

Meanwhile… in the real world, and everywhere on the internet:


what pisses me off is i am writing a profile/image downloader and can’t develop this utility. just waiting uggg


not working here in LA, CA