Is Instagram down? Instagram not working? Start here


Having trouble with your Instagram? You might want to start with the Instagram down detector feed. If users all over the world report the issue, then most likely it’s just (hopefully) a new Instagram bug or issue and not a new algorithm change ( or “feature”).

Check it out for yourself but be sure to read the comments and even leave one, just visit:

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Thanks for the topic, WORTIME. Seems like many people have reported an issue with the hasthag search.

BTW, I am gonna click this button now 1,000 times every day:

(due to the f******* like block since the “Black Friday” / 8th Sept.)

Thanks, IG :middle_finger:


Its fun being apart of IG’s death. RIP…they probably are setting up something to start scamming ppl out of their money (aka Paid Advertising)


Too late for that!


Bumping this thread not to start another – insta is down again!!


Same here… 13 chars


Getting Error 209 when I send DM’s. Anyone else?


Im getting API Block / Login error “0” / etc…


Is IG Still Down?


not working well for me either. getting messages on accounts not on any software saying “please wait a few minutes”

Currently using internet in Buenos Aires


yea its down in most of the us and europe rn happened around noon. I thought i was having issues with the account but its happening to loads of regular people complaining on twitter. Im in florida and its not working for me or my brother


It was a good run boyos


Running fine for me in europe, it happens, will be back up shortly for all


pornhub is still up :slight_smile:


still down for you guys?


What’s that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat:

Oddly Instagram has been fine on my end so far…


im a christian – hell if I know – just heard it… :slight_smile: … insta down in south cali too


screw it… might as well go back to work,…


Let’s see what new fun they brought us. Or maybe they are fixing the issues.

Press D for Doubt




Are you also getting “Oops, an error occurred” messages?