Is inviting friends to MMO Groups attracting FB penalties?

I have a net of FB accounts that each have a membership in about 10 Make Money Online (MMO) groups. FB doesn’t like MMO and I’ve been blocked many times while I applying too many times per login.

I have all these FB accounts interlinked as friends. Now I was thinking of starting with inviting “friends” to those MMO groups. So one account with 10 groups invites another account with 10 groups. That way the second account jumps from 10 to 20 groups, without any need to rise any negative FB flags.

Or does it?

Is inviting many friends to too many FB groups something that will be flagged and blocked by FB? Is there a safe limit for friends invites to groups per login?

It’s a good way to push your fresh accounts into groups but attention - don’t join more than 7 groups a day with aged accs and 1-3 groups a day with fresh accounts, even with inviting.

6-8 groups a day with aged accounts.
1-3 with fresh ones.

Also don’t invite too many with one account at the same time. Keep it organic, invite 5-7 friends at once, not more. After like 3h again 5-7 :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thnkas for the info! Is this still valid or facebook put a limit there?