Is it all worth it? What is the REAL benefit for the customer?

Hi guys,

just my 2 cents - I’ve been spending quite some time with automation, JV, followers etc.

Looking into automation, there are so many bullshit fake accounts on IG, the number of followers ergo is quite BS if you really wanna sell a product to REAL people.

I believe all the work is waste of time IMO - put real, excellent content up, play by the rules and put in the time.

What you think guys?



What’s the question here?


Hold my beer while I try to sell this to clients.


Man, everyonr has it’s own reason for presense and reach on Ig, as well as other social media. It doesn’t make sense to make such generalisations that everything is in vein


If you are getting the right followers through automation, you’ll get the results. IG is making it harder and harder to automate which is a good thing if you stick with it. There’s a lot less competition for those who can stay up with what’s working.


Do you have an instagram account you are trying to grow ?
Îm uploading original content, shared, saved, liked, and commented that my followers like
I don’t have any growth
Don’t ask obvious question when you don’t need to

Actually it’s 50% 50%
If you only grow with automation then yes, the audience is super low quality when it comes to making profit with sales
But if you grow using multiple techniques then it can be very helpful to use automation > have bigger audience > reach top hashtags and explore > gain followers who are actually interested in your stuff

Automation is needed to kick things off

Here is a nice article why its still not considered as a waste of time :

hey guys, there is clarification needed:

I meant when you are growing a following on IG because you want to sell a service that requires physical people coming to your place.

Esp when you are selling a high value service, I am looking for recurrent buyers.

I think for some services it is acutally better to grow slowly but the right audience, also delisting followers if they are not relevant

Perception is everything real or fake.
Money in the bank via automation is not fake

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