Is it better to buy buy email verified accounts or pva?

If I were to get dedicated SIMs, is there a need for buying ones with an email attached to the account?

Or is it still preferable to have both?

It’s better to get Email verified accounts. If they ask for PV, verify using the SIMs you purchase.

Yes, EV accounts and add your own nr.
With PV accounts you might be asked to PVA even after you changed the nr.

You’ve had a PV even if you remove the phone number from the profile? I’ve been removing the numbers and I don’t recall a PV happening once the nr has been removed only before, though for scrapers I usually just throw them away at the first pv/ev and get a new acc since its actually cheaper and easier to do that vs paying for phone numbers.

For slaves, I usually always remove nrs and keep emails only even if it was created using the phone and that has been working fine for me. I get temp locks occasionally and an odd captcha 24h lock here and there but that’s it.

I would recommend Email verified accounts, much easier to control, and have workarounds to verify them in case they get locked.