Is it just me or are verifications codes taking forever or not arriving?

Hi guys, in the past 2 days I’ve been having tons of trouble getting the verification codes when logging in. Various providers of the accounts, emails, different proxies, etc. Sometimes codes are just not coming in.

Anyone else getting this?

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I’ve also tried resetting device id btw

Yes having issues right now on 3 accounts,codes sent to email not coming.

Ok, glad to see it could be general. Anyone else?


Yup seems it’s general:

experiencing this on slave accs aswell as good main accs, not sure why, if it’s just another downtime for instagram them i guess it’s alright, hope they don’t change anything like “only one code per day” or some bs

Is nobody else experiencing this??

In my case if sent to the phone number it arrives, even multi times per day. On email wont arrive to some slave accounts that have a attached.

Also it helps if you use quality proxy or VPN from exactly same location as the Client.

Its for slave accounts. Do you think its a permanent thing against accts? Been getting this on yahoo emails too though.

I think is based on trust score, I have some working well but other’s wont receive code, even if I wait 3 months and try again (I have an acc with 14K followers with and no phone that I can’t log in anymore because of that…).

Slaves have more chances to don’t get the codes as they have lower trust score.

Yes but this is a different issue. It’s solved now too. :slight_smile:


From experience, Instagram is catching on of IP, account interaction between suspected accounts, email domain used, and telephone number.

So, if at one time or another, those suspected accounts had the same IP, or email domain (not referring to gmail, but you’re own catch-all or an Eastern European email domain), or phone number, then and only then; they’ll throttle the email or phone verification.

It can start from waiting 5 minutes or more, or limiting to where you only get 1 verification code within 24 hours.

Of course, how do you know if they’re doing this? My guess is when you enter the verification code, and then they send you back to the login page.

How to fix? Get email accounts that require phone verification. Don’t ever use the same phone number for more than 2 accounts. Never interact between your own accounts.
If the above throttle happens, wait 24 hours. Requesting additional verifications will only add additional time.

I’ve tested it with hundreds of client accounts. Real businesses. And was going crazy until I realized this was it. Don’t blame proxies, unless you buy real cheap, crappy, proxies that everyone reports as crappy, but you wanted to save a few cents anyway.