Is it necessary to change Google Play account every time when creating Instagrams?

I am creating IG accounts on bluestacks and am using the tweaker to change GUID, device ID, google advertising ID, clear the cache of IG and google cache, and I am changing my IP for every 3 accounts. Can IG see the Google Play account used to download the app or can they only see the associated google advertising ID? Sometimes I need to re-install IG on bluestacks to get it working again and I am worried that IG will see it is my same google play account downloading it, as well as the same google play account logging in to all these different IG accounts. Is it necessary to create a new google play account to be logged into for every IG account I create?

Install IG directly from APK file. IG has access to accounts on the device.

Using Memu. You can create multiple instances of Android. Then, use Blackmart to install IG apk. It’s faster and doesn’t need to have Play account.

Using an emulator won’t give your fresh account a red flag immediately?