Is it necessary to post now?

I saw that my accounts that are for growth do not get blocked easily because they have many post and engagement on them but for other accounts with 0 post just f/uf even if account proxy and everything is good they get blocked in less than 15/20 follow do you think that now it is a necessity to post even if you use account just for cpa or just child accounts ?

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@Xxpo99 From my own experience :

  • I don’t think it is necessary to post, eventho it looks more natural and human,

  • I’ve some accounts which didn’t post for 2 months and were going better than some posting once a week !

  • It might be like Story views and other “soft” tools to look more human, but not a big deal to my mind.



I think this will be true if we were in april or Mars 2019 now every detail count because Instagram is more strict

I really believe that posting helps you to get a higher score. Dont forget that insta love the people who contribute to the content of their plateforme

necessary: no.
useful: yes.

Again depends on your goal for those accounts. If they are disposable for you, don’t post.

Personally I’d do all the stuff a normal person does, add a few famous ppl, add a few of the suggestions IG makes, watch some stories and upload 10 or more photos over weeks.

Even for cpa spam ?

I think is better to keep your accounts actives but I have accounts with no new post who don’t have blocks.

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I think its important to post at least 4-5 pictures before automating them, having a built profile gives a better trust score on Instagram