Is it possible for me to run a giveaway and ask the winner to give me a shoutout before they can receive their prize

Basically, I am trying to grow my IG account and was wondering if I could run a giveaway and say to the winners they have to Shoutout my account before they can receive their prize.

Just a little Idea to try and get more growth with free advertisment?

Is this allowed or not?

I have seen accounts say that to enter their giveaway you must repost them (on your IG profile) to be entered but what about to claim their prize?

If anyone could help, would be much appreciated.


All is possible, but after giveaway is done - 70% of followers will unfollow u


You could do it, but what good is a shoutout from an account that might have 40 followers? Unless you rig it so only a large account wins, this isn’t really a benefit.

Also, I’ve found that accounts with large followings don’t typically enter into giveaways. You’re better off saving your money from the giveaway and just buying a shoutout from a big account.


Anything is possible… Is it ethical?

Remember… it’s possible to steal candy from a baby, but will the people watching appreciate it?

Think of your followers as these people, what will they think if you’re “giving stuff away” conditionally?

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Why not do a shoutout as a requirement to join the giveaway?


I recently saw a brand requiring people to post a screenshot of their story telling their followers to follow in order to apply to become a brand ambassador. Only requirements were being 18 and having 1k followers. They grew to like 15k followers in a few days from basically 0 and had like 50k daily story views.


Thanks for your reply.

Which brand was this? would like to check them out?

Saw them too and it’s a good idea

Companies do this all the time.
For example, makeup companies will say “we are giving away a gift basket, repost and tag 3 friends for your chance to enter.”
It’s a easy way to get free promotion…

Not only are most of these ‘brand ambassador’ viral marketing accounts scammers, but the fair majority don’t come through on their promise of ‘Free Clothing’ or ‘Ambassador Roles’. it’s just a cheap tactic to get genuine users to follow the account, then they completely rename their account and delete all their posts while keeping the followers.
I personally think it’s unethical, and go out of my way to expose these scammer accounts to my audience as this isn’t the community I want Instagram to turn into.
Check out @jdcareerss as a prime example of someone who is scamming thousands while impersonating @jdofficial.

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Not saying I agree with their tactics, in fact I find it appalling to ask for free promotion in exchange for no guaranteed anything, but what they’re doing is effective and obviously working.

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You can set up the entry rules however you like, as long as its within the community guidelines.

Also, I’d recommend increasing engagement with you as much as possible too


  • Save the post
  • Share it via DM to 2-3 people
  • Send you a screenshot of the DMs via DM too

Depends on your content and niche. If it’s a cute pets account or a good meme page, you’ll probably retain a fair bit of the people you gain.

This seems like a nice idea!


Yeah I get what you mean, but I don’t think it’s very effective considering these accounts get removed for impersonating usually within a week of going viral.

Their cheap tactics are about as good as their follow-through.

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They’re not all impersonating. The one I was referring to was a new brand. Shopify apparel brand pretty much. Cheap garbage with logos slapped on them.

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it depends on your country law, in mine for example, you can’t easily do a giveaway if you wanna comply to the law.

As it is not something illegal, why not.

Great Idea! Definitely going to try it!

This depends on where you live. Better check your country legislation.

When would you ask for a shoutout? As a part of the conditions to join the competition or after announcing the winner?

If it is the second option, it might look a little dodgy imo, but if you make it clear from the beginning then why not.