Is it possible that gmail blacklisted my IP?

Hey guys, im sending cold emails from my gmail accounts on same IP.

I’m purchasing aged gmail accounts and use gmass to send emails. All was fine , but today i noticed that my emails are going to spam. I try to buy new and new gmails but when i send a test email to one of my gmails, something like “hi , how are you” , that email lands into spam. So its not my template’s problem.

Anyone knows if thats possible that gmail blacklisted my IP? Should I use VPN + incognito window to fix this problem or what?

Let me know please!

How many Gmail accounts and how many accounts per IP address? Also, have you been using the same text message?

seems that ip is not blacklisted , now all is good, thanks

so what was the issue exaclty? was it just a temporary thing? were you able to send emails to inbox correclty?

i dont understand it , some emails still go to spam mostly and some to inbox, its strange, need to find out why sonme campgains have good open ratio and some very low

Your gmail can be blacklisted, I was stupid and used a personal email for a test on a email campaign program. did about 100 emails and now half the time my emails don’t go to anyone. I can’t use it to sign up on some sights that have google captcha etc. sucks

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Not sure as well but from a personal experience when I get emails that I don’t really read, I think Gmail treats that as spam so all emails moving forward from that user are now treated as spam. They will only be removed there once you mark the email ‘not spam’.

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that is strange but i think the email is blacklisted and that can happen when you abuse the settings,try to login from a diffrent IP and see if that will change anything.

I am not sure if this is possible