Is it possible to change IG password without first logging in?

Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to choose something like “Forgot password” on Jarvee when first logging into the IG account and get it changed automatically if you have access to the email. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible but maybe I’m just blind on this one, hopefully :smiley:

If you have access to the assigned email, you can go to this link and request a reset link to your email

You will get an email with link to reset your password(do not need to know old one)
If the link does not work the 1st time, request it again, it will work the 2nd time

I do not think there is a way to do this automatically withing MP/JV

Yeah, I’m looking for an automated way on the bot. I will need to implement it myself, it seems, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

did you find the way?

There are no ready services to do that. You need to write your own script

Pretty sure you can just go ‘change password’ in JV and it will do that. It needs to be logged out to work