Is it possible to fake IG live video

Is it possible to livestream a prerecorded video on Instagram like many do on FB? I’ve seen people who appear to be doing on IG.

There’s not really any need to fake it with Facebook because they natively allow you to connect with RTMP using e.g. OBS or Xsplit (from which you can choose a prerecorded video as a “source.”) Makes it pretty easy. Last time I checked, this still hadn’t been implemented with Instagram. :frowning:

I did some searching and this app claims to be able to stream to Instagram from desktop. However, I have no idea how they’re implementing it:

I also found this tutorial:

No idea if Instagram would put the banhammer down for doing this.

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Well, yeah, but it’s called live video and it isn’t so that’s fake enough for me to call it fake, allowed or not.

I looked at that app and I think it is for actual live video. It just streams it to multiple platforms.

The video looks like a better option, but the first thing he says do is install php for Windows, and install 3 other programs. It doesn’t look like a hack that would last long, but it could be worth a try.

I think I’d rather do it the way video store and gas station used to copy VHS tapes. Play the video on a TV and push a camera up close to the TV.

I just don’t pop on video and I have a awful vocal fry. I’d have to get someone else to do product reviews and stream that as live.

You can supposedly use Loola with obs, and just choose a pre-recorded video as a source.

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Yes, is possible to livestream a prerecorded video on Instagram:

I use Promovgram

  • you can livestream directly a video file
  • or a video from youtube

Also you can schedule it :sunglasses:

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yes it’s possible. russians started all this… mostly for uploading fake girl videos on live with donations to earn money that way on instagram…

Going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not know the rules against self promotion.

Please edit your replies out as you are clearly promoting your own tool. If I have to edit them for you, there will be consequences.

I removed the links.


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I’m trying to use that Promo app but it says I need a proxy or something://… Help?

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Yes, these type of web applications that make auto actions, post or live streaming a pre-recorded video for you, need proxies.
Regarding Promovgram, I guess you use a plan without proxy so you have four variants to make this thing to work:

  1. Rent from them, inside the app, there is an order form (only mobile proxies)
  2. Upgrade to plans that have already included a mobile proxy
  3. Find and buy a proxy by yourself and set it manually in the app.
  4. And the last one, create your own mobile proxy :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact them.
Hope this was helpful.

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