Is it possible to find out the location of an Instagram account?

Is it possible to find out the location of an Instagram account?

Is this really that creepy?

As in where is that account is used from?

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Yup - one of my clients is complaining there are too many indian accounts…

What user filters are you using in your follow settings?

In this case it has very little to do with where it’s used from, the issue is, who follows it. You can actually look at the source and see if they are real, where from etc. if your client is an attractive female then this is nothing new. That region is an emerging market for FB and IG.

All she has to do is show her bobs and vagene and they will follow someone else.

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Maybe my bad but I do not quite understand. This client only wishes to target canadians - but there have been too many Indians following. Just need a strategy to prevent this from happening - all I can think of at the moment is finding a list of indian names and putting them in the follow filter…

Well that is probably your best bet, at the end it all comes down to quality follow sources.

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I hate to break it to you, but Canada is full of people from India. Many people from India also have very American, European, or Canadian names.

If your client is more worried about having to show bobs and vagene, you can use some tools out there that are very expensive to analyze followers demographics of potential sources. That would be your best bet. Or target only things Canadians might care about.

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smoking a joint drinking maple syrup while watching an ice hockey game


Your client will need to resonate better, like @wortime said the with the things that are important to Canadian, and the products/services that your client offers.

If you or your client haven’t seen this google/look at the “I am a Canadian” spot by Molson Canadian for inspiration (rants and paradies too).

Maybe what @g8f7e9x0w said, about what they like and then plug and play and test the ideas…

Yeah they can’t assume that everyone in Canada looks the same. They could actually be getting people from Canada. They only way you can really tell is if it says they are from india in their bio or if you ask them

Wats this all aboot eh?

Are you sure that you “need” to go that route ? It is a really labor intensive task .

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Yup I had the same discussion with my client - a lot of Indian people in Canada (but he said he does not have an issue with them). He is referring to people residing in india - I think on the business account you can see the percentage of your followers from each location?

Anyway thanks for the input guys

You might be caught in a loop too. If there is already a lot of engagement from a specific country, IG tends to suggest the account to more people in that country, Sometimes this suggestion is very “sticky”, as in, even if you change your niche and target a second region, IG will still respond better to the first region…

For example: I had some IG accounts following 25 Arab + Russian accounts. I deleted every follower, and only followed USA accounts. But IG kept suggesting I add other Arab / Russian accounts for nearly a month…

Try to make your posts very location-centric… don’t use hashtags that would also do well in India like #masala #chai #bollywood #indianfood #diwali #samosa #brownpeople #desi #ithelpdesk #itsupport #computeroutsourcing #offshore #offshoreoutsourcing - I don’t like stereotypes, but the truth is some of the largest outsourcing companies in the world are in india, so many computer-related terms may be extremely popular with indian audiences.