Is it possible to get USA followers fast?

Hey guys, i need usa followers. Bus it it possible to get them fast? Even if its small quantity, like 10-20 followers from day 1st. They don’t need to be targeted by niche or gender, just usa looking profiles that will engage, that’s all. I don’t even care if they’re real people, just need them to be usa looking and engaging.

Also, im not interested in methods that will require accounts password.

Please help me, maybe you know if that’s possible and where i should look for this?

Well you can’t really get engaging followers and usa would be targeted without them being real. You can purchase bots and then you can purchase fake engagement but for them to really engage you have to target them and that takes time. It’s pretty expensive the mother child method these days so would just recommend you do follow unfollow manually with the account you can then easily get the number you want. It’s just too much money for instagram automation now. Other way is to do TikTok and then drive those followers to instagram. I would not advise other ways and many mother child scammers who will not deliver any or the quoted followers so be careful.

Maybe contact some smm places and see if they do us based accounts that also engage. You may get lucky.

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