Is it possible to import userids only, as "specific users" source in Jarvee

is it possible to import userids only, as “specific users” source?

My set up looks the following:
10k usersid list scraped by an external program
1 x feeder account
10 x executing accounts

I want to do the following:
Load the 10k userid list into the feeder account as “specific users” source. The feeder account then sends those userids to the e.g. Follow/Like/Contact/Storyviewing tool of the “executing accounts” WITHOUT doing any api calls, because it already has the userids. Then those “executing accounts” will follow/like etc. these userids and if needed, do extra api calls to get additional infos about that userid to e.g. filter by followers/followings/post number.

Problems I´m facing:
I´m not able to import userids, not via the text field in mp, because it thinks e.g. “9872302” is a username and not a userid, nor via the “import” button, because I get wrong csv format error or an error that I have to add at least one username.
Also I do not know if Jarvee is able to work with userids only. Because in theory Jarvee should be able to follow the userid “9872302” without doing any addional api calls for getting additional infos about that user, if I set it the account to not apply any filters.

Looking forward to your responses. Maybe @DanielAdmin can shed some light on this.

Obviously it’ll use API calls, but I think you can convert user ID to username through Social Profiles > Scrape Tools > Extract Additional User Info, check none of the options, and do it with scraper accounts that you know will be destroyed.

Otherwise if you know some basic coding you could potentially use the public API with a random disposable account to run this request and pull the usernames from ID’s:{user-id}/?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN

Or possibly from this user endpoint with a script and a specific “Instagram” User Agent set, which doesn’t require API use, although not sure if either of them work with the latest API changes.{user_id}/info/

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.3.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/14G60 Instagram (iPhone9,4; iOS 10_3_3; en_US; en-US; scale=2.61; gamut=wide; 1080x1920)

Hopefully Daniel can shed some light on that, because these are just Googled things that I found.

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Oooh, just found this - not sure if it works either but looks promising

Why is it obvious that you need to do api calls? Also if I import the accounts as usernames into the feeder account, the feeser account will do one api call for each username, as mp needs uses userids in order to do actions. So if I want to split e.g. 100k usernames via the feeder. The feeder will do 100k api calls. That is exactly what I want to bypass via the use of userids instead of usernames.

I meant if you’re doing it through the Scrape tool it would, but that’s only assuming it needs API calls in order to get that info, but really have no idea how the data would be pulled either way :man_shrugging:t2:

There are random third party sites that can do the conversion too (like this one), but it may be one by one unless you can program a script to do it with delays to avoid spamming them.