Is it possible to promote adult dating on IG?

Never promoted in IG Due it s not easy to get followers from Specific countries. is it possible to promote adult dating in IG ?
Any information are highly appreacited as i ma planning to promote an PPL.

bettwen used to promote but it s death, honestly nothings works on fbook
if you made money before, it s too hard to make nowadays ! that is why i wanna switch off to new sources but yet haven t found any

Yes but it depends how you do it. According to the method accounts are getting banned quickly or not. Saw lately more people starting IG, promoting the Snapchat profil through it and send the user to the offer on snapchat. But that really depends on your setup.

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What s best method to stay safe and avoid being banned?
i wanna star IG Since facebook destory my business

Good question. I know that some people just use quantity in terms of accounts. They really don´t mind if accounts are getting banned as they have enough further ones in the background. From one affiliate I know that he is burning around 1k accounts per month. But don´t have insights about his MP Settings.

Several ways I saw so far:

  • IG -> -> Tumblr Prelander -> CPA Link
  • IG -> Snapchat -> Story Post -> CPA Link
  • IG -> Snapchat -> Story Post -> Whatsapp Number -> AutoReply Bot -> CPA Link
  • IG -> HQ Domain -> CPA Link

do you have any idea about auto-reply whatsp bot ??
guess this one will works…
please let me know as i am really getting flagged by fbook and nowdays can t make no cash.
earning of this month is 600usd and it seems probably the end

iam new with snapchat, but isnt it like kik? there you could send messages to all your friends/followers?
Would be awesome if u could make a snapchat send message to new followers bot with tasker and autoinput. I made a kik auto responder 1 year ago and it worked flawlesly, but then kik started to reset your account if to many messages was send.

never used a bot but i wanna try it on whatsp as it s easy to get whatsp numbers

ahh ok i see, but snapchat has more reach then whatsapp. Many indian people on there lol (no converters)
But i hope u sucseed and wish u good luck (little drunk atm)
But overall adult on ig is the way to go

The Autoreply is an APK:

Important: it has to have root permissions, otherwise it doesn´t work. Handling to be honest isn´t the best one but its doing his job. Works pretty stable on NOX.

Well which one has the bigger reach in general doens´t matter as you grow it just with your IG Profiles.

India in generell isn´t that easy to convert. On Adult not much offers, a lot of IP ranges are not billable and of course restrictions on by operators are doing the rest that this market doesn´t work that well.

thx a million
i will check it if it s working, i will get numbers of whatsp via social media
i will promote a virtual uk number to get fans

OP: Yes if you do it in a serious, sophisticated way. No nudity, no sexualization and you should be fine

seriously whatever i do, i being cought, looks like they bann anyone who post over 5 post without any other action.

would appreacite more details and information from you Mr Myfocus?
best regardes

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I dont see why not as long as there is no nudity etc involved and done tastefully. People like to flag pages and posts and can get you deleted

yep right no hardcore shit, nippels or something :slight_smile: nice girls in sexy underwear gonna do the job pretty accurate :wink:

im having great success with the fleshlight niche so i don’t see why not

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That’s one product I would have never thought would sell on IG :slight_smile:

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Me neither xD

OP: Post some people in nature, or a woman her phone. Maybe an over the shoulder shot of a phone and in the caption write something like: “Hello we are XYZ and we offer you XYZ service. Sophisticated dating for people with an interest for more than getting into a womans pants. If you need more information contact us via DM and or XYZ.”

Just make it professional!

Still they ban accounts, even if you have softcore pics. It’s all about the links that we post there.

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then make a non sexual landing page that hosts the link

If you get prelanders there shouldnt be a reason to get banned, I think what gets you banned are the pictures