Is it possible to revive an account after a loop giveaway?

I participated in a loop giveaway, now my engagement is about 0,5%. I participated in the giveaway about 6 or 8 months ago. During the last 6 months my reach went from good to bad, now from bad to basically no reach.

At this point about 50% of my followers are real (before giveaway) 50% came with the loop giveaway.

I’m loosing about 200 followers a day, but I’m only reaching between 2 to 4% of my audience with my posts, that means I’m not reaching my real audience that used to be engaged with me.

Is there a way to revive that account?

Yes,it is possible and here’s how to do it:

1.Run 5-10$ ads daily to get engagement to your posts which will boost it’s reach to your followers and get you new audience as well.
2.Engage with niche based accounts and your audience.
3.Remove inactive/ghost followers which you got via the loop giveaway.

I hope this helps,Thankyou.


Thanks. I’ll try that, since the giveaway was done about 8 months ago, it’s really hard to find them.

It is possible for sure.

You need filters to remove inactive users/ghost followers like:

For example,people who did not interact with the last X Posts.

Or any other filter that determines that they are ghost/inactive followers.

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I would remove your ghost followers first then doing everything else after. I’m assuming you have a good amount of accounts to remove and doing too many actions at once can lead to an action block.

Yes it will,you have to do actions in the limits however!

I participated in the giveaway about 8 months ago, i would have to scroll down in my followers a couple thousand to find those from the giveaway (I already tried, couldn’t even find them)

Yes, I wouldn’t go over 200 actions per day when removing them