Is it possible to use more than 1 IG acc on one raspberry PI/IP?

Hi guys,

currently i am trying to provide raspberry pi’s with software so i can use them as a ressidential proxy.
I would like to know if its possible to use this one proxy for more then 1 account, since i used one datacenter proxies for 5 accounts.

second question; is it possible to instal more then one rapsberry’s pi on one ip, to receive more proxies?

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That literally would make no sense .

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Ok, and do you know if my first question is possible

Of course it’s possible, but why did you run 5 accounts per one proxy in the first place?

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Never had a problem with it. Until I had to change to residential proxies everything went really expensive… so now I am trying setting up raspberry pi’s. How much do you suggest @wortime ?

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There are quite a few threads with solutions on how to set that up. I am no raspberry pi guru, I know how to do some basic stuff and thats about it. You can create a mini proxy server with another PC etc the possibilities are endless. You can also purchase residential IP’s.

Go with whatever works best for you. But no, simply adding on Pi’s to the same IP will do nothing for getting you new proxy IP’s.


@sesernets, please don’t send me a PM asking me about proxies. There are several relevant threads here on the forum where people talk about where to find them or buy them. You can also wait a bit and buy them from someone in this thread who answered your question (hint: it’s not me)

The search bar is your friend and takes far less time than just spitting out a DM to someone and asking them to do the searching for you.

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Yes you can ofcourse install more ip’s on it. But unless you have more then one ip assigned from your provider you will only have one public ip adres.

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