Is it possible to use tiktok on bluestacks successfully?

Hey guys.

So I’ve been testing this quite a bit myself I’d say.

Rooted bluestacks and changed device model, country and network operator with bstweaker

aswell as using a gps spoofer + us proxy.

I tried well over 10 accounts using 1 proxy per account and 1 account per device.

This doesn’t seem to work well at all for me, as none of the videos is getting views.

Anyone who has gotten this to work, and if so do you have any tips? Thanks

EDIT: also tried memu app player which is pre-rooted and has all the options mentioned above built in. Same results. I have a feeling tiktok has emulator detection and shadow bans the account straight away. Might be wrong here.

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I had basic success using a few accounts on bluestacks for windows. Worked fine.

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