Is it really necessary to confirm email when creating an account?

I am going to create bulk IG accounts by Jarvee with Fresh Proxies
So Is it really necessary to confirm email when creating an account?
Thank you

Depends on how good quality accounts you want. I would not recommend creating accounts in jarvee, if you want quality. Seems like you want a lot of spam accounts and i have no experience in that so i don’t now. Try out both, does it matter if the first one docent work, you are creating them in bulk anyways. Trying is the best to figure out what’s going to work.

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Yup I am going to test between some methods. Hope that will be fine. Tks

  1. I wouldn’t recommend using Jarvee Acc creator
  2. If you do so, Jarvee automatically comfirms the email if you put in all the details so… (And yeah I would always comfirm the email asap!)

It all depends on what you’re planning to do with the accounts and how long you want them to live, but confirming email is definitely a good thing if you want healthier accounts

Acc creation on Jarvee gives you accounts that work for max 2 weeks. Better create them manually or buy them from any trusted seller.

Actually its the opposite for me, i created accounts in mp for years and they the strongest accounts compared to any buyed ones, created in bluestacks etc.

And i dont email verify accounts either, never got an email verification by creating accounts and running in mp…Just put randon yahoo, gmail adress and press start.

Because the accounts you created few years ago live until today it doesnt mean that the accounts you create today with the same method will be strong too. In Instagram things are changing so quickly. Relying on one technique all the time is the most dangerous thing you could possibly make in this business. @stephaniiieee18

I recommend you to create the account outside of Software and confirm the E-mail inside the Software (on the new proxy) after exporting the account into it. @Gaevintt

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Did you create accs recently? Telling from last years’s experience I can confirm. But 2019 is a different story.

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I ve plenty of accs not confirmed. Till now all good.

Though what for me seems to give more trust, its actually confirm the email on the IP/subnet/location you would use.


Yes Larsometer now its a different story, account creation is the hardest thing at the moment.

Real humans are too lazy to

  1. Go to their email provider
  2. Log in
  3. Search for Instagram
    As far as ive seen there’s no need to confirm emails. Just focus on creation quality.
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