Is it risky to make fb sites in other languages than the acount itself?


i just coming back to fb marketing, after 3 years break. To that time i had over 50 accounts with 500 fanpages and made good money every month with it :wink: . But 1 year ago the last accounts had also been closed and some days ago i had the idea to make all new.

I have been reading here a lot, also the software and the server what i would need and also where i can buy some old fb accounts with cookies and and and…

But my question: When i buy for example an old fb account from the US for example, would it be an problem when i make on that account an fanpage with the language german for example?

What are your experience?


I think it does not matter. I mean, not everyone’s first language is English yet they have English pages. I’m just not sure if FB is giving a special pass on English since it’s a widely spoken language, universal.

Alright. Thanks for your input!