Is it safe to change gender from female to male?

Okay this may seem like a strange question as everyone wants female accounts, but I work in a vertical which is mostly men and everyone seems to be selling only female accounts. Is it safe to change my gender and my profile pics from hot chicks to guys?

Is there a recommended procedure to do this?

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Did the opposite (changed from male to female) about a month ago, haven’t had problems pop up yet. I tried one at first just in case as they seem quite fragile, was ok. After a few days changed more

Maybe some users with longer experience will chime in.

Being genderfluid is the rage these days.


if they ban u u can allways find “social justice warriors” tell them you changed your gender and instagram banned you.They will go after ig like crazy :smiley:

I had no problems on Instagram changing gender or changing usernames.
But once did this on Facebook and almost all accounts got banned, got photo verifications etc.

Ok thanks for the advice. Not sure if I can ask this but anyone know who I can go to to solve my root issue so I don’t need to do this?

yes ofcourse it is safe, if anyone asks just say you had sex surgery :blush: