Is it safe to do manual social actions when tool is running?

Hello guys. It’s pleasure to join the community.

The question: Is it safe to do manual social actions when tool is running? For example follow/unfollow people, respond to comments, like photos.

I use MP from my computer and would do manual actions also from the same computer. But plan to move MP to VPS and do manual social actions from my own computer.


I think you’ll get a varied answer, some say yes you can if you’re not on WiFi and using a VPS. Yes if you’re using your same IP on WiFi as MP on a home computer, as long as you’re not going over the generally safe number of actions.

In my own opinion, I try to avoid touching the app or doing anything if MP is running, but I’m probably being paranoid and overly cautious.

Users get mixed results with this. Some clients claim they do this without any issues, some were asked for password reset.

My advice would be, if you’re going to use your accounts while they’re working in MP, then use them through embedded browser in MP.

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In such a case, do you suggest using Poster & Reposter rather than posting images manually through the app?

As @ian said, you’re sure to get varied answers. My personal experience - I’ve never really had a problem using the bot & my phone. I think it all has to do with what you’re doing with the bot - how aggressive are you, are you overtly spamming or being a borderline blackhat?

On 2 accounts in particular, I have scheduled posts set up - but have still posted manually from my phone.

The only time I had any problem was forgetting that I had increased my daily like limits in the bot & then liking too many from my phone.


I use MP on 3 different accounts , 1 account : 1,5 years, seconds one is only 4 months , and the third one is only 3 weeks old.

In my accounts i use 3 ips, not proxy ( 1 vpn, 1 mobile service provider , and home ip ), Note that this 3 accounts are on different niches.

Settings? I use recommended settings in one of posts in this forum. Meanwhile MP is running i use it on my phone. Note that i have 3 accounts in my phone IG app. I usually upload some photo or comment ( My hobby ) so, just for now i don’t have any kind of issues.

My thoughts:

Ip reputation is really important.
MP setings are also quite importants.
Number of IP’s - crucial

So i think, it depends of age of accunt + ip reputation + no abbusive settings on mp = successfull account ( i mean avoid ban or captcha or whatever )

Note: I mean with ip reputation that east europe Ip’s have bad reputation, mostly ( near 30% of all isp providers ) so go and buy some ip on italy, spain, portugal, germany etc )

I hope this may be helpfull for some1. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dear fellow MPers,

I like to engage my followers and post comments and DM personally when my MP is not executing (i’m set my MP to pause during certain hours so i know i won’t clash with its work)

However, will it be a bad practice since my phone will be using a different IP as MP which is running on my amazon VPS?

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This is debatable, some say it’s ok, some disagree.

Personally I prefer to be on the safe side and only use it when MP isn’t running at all, though I have been posting photos from my phone via 4G lately while MP is still running , but doing no engagement - just posting and closing the app. Hopefully it’ll remain safe, but I’m always a bit concerned that actions might happen as I post, resulting in some sort of ban.

Doing this with 6 of my accounts constantly. I had no Proxy on the Server or my phone. (Server in the US, me in Europe)
No problems so far. But when MP is working it´s magic you can´t do anything. I tried to follow or like smth just didn´t take it. So I guess while MP is running on the same Account it´s not possible to do two actions at the same time. Didn´t change anything though, works all fine.

I moved your thread to this topic, it’s already discussed here, so feel free to continue discussion :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, I would avoid that, it’s not safe, IG can see it as suspicious activity.

Its safe for me, sometimes ig need verify that IP on MP is yours, or reset password, etc, just do it, and click verify in MP.
After that, your ip in MP will anti wave :grin:

As everyone is saying there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer, but my tests have found if I’m doing things on the same IP (using the embedded browser or Browseo) then I’ve been fine as long as it’s low level comments / DMs etc. If I’ve doing a lot of DMs / Comments then I’ll turn off any Likes / Follows until I’m done. When I haven’t it sets off triggers… which would make sense as I’m not an octopus so couldn’t realistically be doing 1000 things at once.

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I have been doing account actions while MP running on my dynamic IP account for half year now just fine. However I think its better to turn it off and be safe.

Please shoot me a PM for my Skype, so we can work something out. I’d be happy to do anything to return the favor. I know about warming up accounts etc, and I’ve made 100’s of $$$ in the past, however, it’s some time ago, so I can’t remember it all, and some things have been changed.
Preferably someone who know’s what he’s doing.

I need help with good proxies & setting up accounts, I’ve got SIM cards en masse, so I can phone verify them myself.

Kindest regards,