Is it still possible to scrape bulk emails on Instagram

Hey guys,

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to scrape bulk emails from Instagram in a cost effective away, but it seems everyone is having trouble now due to API restrictions.

Is it no longer possible to scrape emails from Instagram en masse? Is anyone having any success?


yes it is still possible

And how and what is the cost effective solution acccording to you if you know that?

I’m using the following option on Jarvee and it seems to be working fine until the moment

You can use jarvee or i have a program called
grow me organic

Can I DM you? I’ve been trying GrowMe but it hasn’t been working well

I’d suggest you spend your money on Jarvee license and buy scraper accounts to achieve what you want. There’s no better Scraper software than Jarvee at the moment. You can use those scraper accounts to scrape emails more than once. It’s better than spending $200 to get one-time result.

I scraped users with scraper accounts + send them to the extracted users and tried to extract the emails of those accounts using the Scrape Tools, but I haven’t got 1 single result. So I tried Growmeorganic, it got 50 results in 1-2 min. but somehow I can’t purchase a license. They seem to have an issue with the payment gateway as the checkout doesn’t work. Support doesn’t reply. I also tried to purchase an Instaparser license. Same, checkout doesn’t work (Yandex), for Paypal/CC we should write support, but they don’t reply. The demand for this service is so high right now, I don’t understand why they aren’t checking their inbox at least once every few days.

Yes,growmeorganic has a problem with their payment gateway.

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Do you have a license key which you would be open to share by splitting the costs?

No I don’t,when I tried so faced the same problem as you said.

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Hmmm, how long ago was that? Have you talked with the support?

Their support is shit,doesn’t reply lol

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Wooow, so the tool is pretty much useless :joy:

They even disabled the function to copy/paste the scraped data from the columns to encourage the people who use the trial to buy a license. Well, that would amazing if we can buy one haha. Have you found a way to at least copy the limited data of 50 users from the software interface? It’s a lot of manual work with batches of 50, but tbh still better than nothing right now :sweat_smile:

This was implemented way before and not now.

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Yeah, I assumed that… Have you found a workaround?

As of now,no and many people messaged me about this too.

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Well scrappers are expensive, you sould try without.

Yes still possible to fetch data in bulk by using many good quality old scraper accounts and some non public bots/custom or private, mine are working fine right now, i had an issue 2 weeks ago when Instagram was doing that api limit update, but now things are back to normal for me.

Where do you get good quality old scraper accounts from?