Is it Still Profitable to use Creative Commons

I have been seen lately a few “youtube guru” selling a course that teaches you how to create youtube channels using the creative commons license and get monetization.

Is this still profitable?, I thought with Youtube updated policies that you couldn’t monetize this type of channels but am seeing a lot that does it and get monetization.

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It’s possible, but my feeling is that every platform is prioritizing fresh new content over anything else. They are smart enough to figure out what most people are doing. Now, if you were to splice and dice a couple to gather in an interesting way to make a new video, that would probably fly. To me, it seems like it is easier to make slideshow videos or something like that, since you will spend essentially similar amounts of time. Then, you don’t have to worry about them taking them down at some point.

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You can still use creative commons contents, but you need to edit them nicely and not just make a compilation of the videos/pictures. Add your own voice if possible or use text-to-speech. I think it’s not enough by just adding free music.

Thanks, but you can’t monetize slideshows on youtube or atleast thats what I understood

Thanks, thats my interest re-adapt content make it my own

I remember seeing some youtube channels putting the original video urls in the video description. We can make our own video compilation if we want and add our own logo and intro in the video.

It’s only profittable if you are using the creative commons videos in a way that YouTube will let you monetize. They have systems that can detect reused content, if too much of each video is unedited and uses content that is already on YouTube, they will not approve your channel for YPP (or demonetize you, if you are already monetized when they detect reused videos).

I do think that the key to YouTube these days is the authentic content, just make sure that you give value to users and it should work perfectly.