Is it still safe for mother/slave method?

Hi all.
Lately my 2 accounts were deleted with the recent wave of banning.
Life goes on and I have to rebuild these 2 accounts.

I haven’t been using m/s for a whole.
May I have some advices from you guys that is it still one of the best and safest to go?
I also wonder if mentioning the mother account (@Mother) in the profile and in the posts will get red-flagged from instagram.
given that I have some experiences using this method with jarvee and 4g proxy.

Thank you all in advance.

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Yes it’s safe on mains but its a lot harder than it used to be. Instagram is changing things all the time. Making it harder.

Personally I don’t mention mother in bio because I’m scared that may link them.

Where do you mention the mother account if not in the bio if I may ask?

Currently running about 8k accounts with @username in bio (over 22k accounts), and no one got banned until today.

So you’re good to go :tada:

then only in the posts if not in the bio?

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thank you for your feedback!

It all happens in the DMs

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May I ask f/uf or dm is better when performing m/s?
or take both?

how many slaves you run with the same mother @username in bio ? 100 slaves per mother in bio ?

Depending on the client, it varies. I would say 1,5-2k :slightly_smiling_face:

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How does that method work?

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mother/slave is still working fine but it’s al about your setup and actions if you abuse them verifications and blocks will come