Is it technically possible to run 250 Instagram accounts on 1 copy of JV without problems?

i’m running 100 accounts per copy and things are fine but anyone here is running 250 accounts on 1 copy ? thanks.

Yes but you need a good server


It depends,

Are you using API only or Embedded browser ?

API uses less resources
EB uses more resources

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i’m using only EB.

Yeah since you are okay with running 100 accounts on your current VPS then I recommend you buy a second VPS that is the same as your first one to run the other batch of 100 accounts

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I know right, but the question was can you run 250 on one copy of jv and one vps i was looking for people who maybe tried this before and was working for them before i try it myself

Can you elaborate what running 100 of accounts per copy means?

You mean you got 100 of accounts on J, all running the same settings, scraping the same sources, doing the same actions on the same time settings? Simply you took the settings of one account and copied it to the remaining 99 accounts? Is that what you are saying you are doing?

Yes i mean 100 accounts on 1 license of jv. and i want to know if it’s possible technically run 250 accounts on 1 license of jv, yes all are child accounts, having same source many(but no account follow or like same people that other accounts do, there is a filter in JV to prevent this) and all of the accounts are running follow like on EB.

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Ok now this cleared thinks out.
But as the rest say, as things look like for now, doing actions through EB is the safest solution, and wanting to run 250 accounts on EB you need a machine with juice and power.

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How much ram and cpu power minimum do you suggest , an i7 look like with 4-8 cores and 16 Go of ram ?

I dont think that will be enough. For example i had the greencloudvps. The best one for mass planner optimized (guru i think) and it sucked with 250 accounts. Crashes constantly


I believe @oneoneseven is right. You’ll need a heavier machine. Atleast on the Ram. But if I was you. I would start expanding your 100 accounts by 25-30 at a time, see if your machine can run smoothly for a couple of days, and gradually expand the number of accounts by 25-30 accounts, then tune your machine accordingly. Don’t jump into buying the biggest and meanest VPS out there. You want to consider the additional cost of proxies too, now that you are adding an extra 100 accounts to your numbers.

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900 Accounts per Hetzner server here (2 x 450), but mostly api, with EB it might be a little harder, but I think it ahould still be possible with good servers


EB is a TON harder. Hetzner it is for sure. Even the higher end vps’s dont seem strong enough for 250 EB’s. You need dedicated servers


I’m now wondering if 500 accounts on one license will even run well since you can only open 300 primary EB’s. Let alone 1000. Of course api is a whole different story.

Edit: currently at 350 per license


Well you have never all accounts running at the same time. So even if you have 500 accounts, there will only be 250 running…

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Yeah absolutely possible if you get a good server with a powerful CPU with multiple cores (for example 12), and also a very fast SSD. VPS is not recommended, but you can use other type of virtualization like VDS or KVM. Hit me up if you need help with servers :sunglasses:


@BrotherJoseph See! That’s the one I’m using for my first VPS!

@StayStyled - sorry to be dense but which hetzner spec server are you using?
And what does 2x 450 mean? You have two Jarvees each with 450 accts on them? That’s a huge amount per Jarvee if so…?!

A bigger server will always come at a cost. Either you spread out the actions trying to optimize your current server and not have them all running at once or you upgrade and are willing to spend money. If you come to a point of running 75 child accounts i feel like you should somehow either be able to invest (from other financial sources) or monitize your current main. There is no way around it as running that many accounts is always at a decent cost. Days of ‘cheap’ automation are over @Jessica8789