Is it true IG mass dms get your account hidden?

I heard IG had a new update which means that if you use mass dms it creates a hole in the algorithm which flags your account and basically makes it so you can never gain natural engagement again

Can anyone confirm if true? Really hope this is just fake news I’m hearing… I don’t know if there’s any negative results from mass dms

I think that the algorithm flags the account because users who receive the DM and consider it as spam would report it as spam.
So the main reason is the number of reports. This is due to poor message wording and/or targeting.

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I understand, maybe it’s a good technique to grow the initial 10k followers but doing all the time could get flagged

Mass DM is gonna take you like having over 1000x accounts to be considered as mass … cause one account you can only really send out like max 100 maybe a day with old account? New account probably 20?

Are you referring to the account sending DMs or the account promoted in the DMs?

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The account being promoted

I would suggest that this is not an issue. If you think it is an issue, try to do it on a relatively healthy account – that is not yours – and take a look at the engagement. You will most likely not encounter any artificial high drops in engagement and/or exposure.

Mass DM works well for big accounts too! The only time it is dangerous is for ‘risky’ niches like adult gambling and weed CBD (because accounts in those niches are reported by people more often). If your account is not in any of those niches and your target + message is coherent you won’t get any shadow ban even if you have > 10K followers…

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Yeah I think the guy was just trying to scare me… he said his source was lucas o keefe but he never linked me any info regarding it… I’m glad to hear from you guys instead

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Don’t let strangers scare you. And if in doubt, you can always test the theories yourself!

I think there is some truth to this, or it is a crazy coincidence. I have a few client accounts who ONLY grew from Mass DM. Their engagement was incredible for months and is now horrible. I am talking the engagement was 5-7% with mass DM (again all growth was from Mass DM), and now it has gone down to even below 1%. The content has not changed. I even wrote a big topic on this and it didnt get any responses. Id love to discuss this topic further, because its worrisome if I should even continue offering it to clients.

Since you started the topic, when did you hear this update went into place? @rebelgods the clients I have I did it for are not in any dangerous niches either, so from my end that isnt the case.

Most important question did the clients had such amazing content that it got 5-7% engagement or was the engagement just created by mass dm? How was the engagement before?

Just thinking that the content might be not top notch and mass dm was just covering this

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No there were very long periods of time where no DMs would be sent and they maintained their 5-7%. When the Dms were happening, their engagement would be closer to 8-9%.

I have been doing it since more than 1 year for my clients, the engagement keeps growing…I don’t think it is related to mass DM. Maybe it is related to another reason like content change or suspicious action done on that account…

I can guarantee there is no content change and there was no suspicious activity done.

The only other factor is that Instagram brought up an opportunity to get paid for Reel views that the account receives. Its not exact timing, but after accepting that the engagement was lower.

Its just very strange that the random person on here who made this thread says this rumor about mass dm having an engagement sink and its literally happening to a few of my clients accounts who are doing mass DM.

No, that’s a false alarm. Only accounts that are actually doing actions can be in danger. Accounts that are promoted are not in danger, at least in my case I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary.