Is it viable to buy HQ accounts and use them to like new post on your main account?

My main is a big account and as title said can I use Jarvee to manage those accounts and like a new post whenever I post from my main account?

I am all about being authentic, so in my opinion, I definitely wouldn’t. It will destroy your engagement. Considering botting is so sensitive right now, if your accounts get hard blocked or something of the sort, you won’t be able to funnel those likes through and your main will go from a bunch of likes to no likes at all. It will look suspicious and strange and make your authenticity very questionable.
Just post good content and get the engagement organically. Like other peoples stuff so they return the like, answer every comment in the first hour to double your comments so IG sees the post is doing well and it sends it out to more people. Post at the right times. Etc.

If you want to increase the number of likes you can use Jarvee’s Like exchange tool. It used to have issues due to many like blocks but now it’s working fine for me.

thanks, where can I find more info regarding this feature?

You should see it at the bottom within the categories, on the left side of the main menu.