Is it worth getting into botting anymore? (Jarvee)

I have access to +3 mio impressions a day on several Instagram accounts. Both the accounts and my products are in the same niche :hatching_chick:

If you already have the accounts and impressions, why would you need a bot?


To automate the process of posting on all these accounts

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Sounds like you have no other options, so the question isn’t really “is it worth it”.
The way you worded the question was rather confusing.


If you need to manage multiple accounts – yes.

If you’re growing one ore two personal accounts – no.

So I actually had the same issue as you did, and started using Jarvee purely to schedule post and automate the entire thing with evergreen content. However it wasn’t worth it for my accounts as the risk reward ratio (cq. getting shadowbanned or getting your account banned) was way out of proportion. So what I did was move all these accounts to studio creator from Facebook themselves and started scheduling the post there. Absolutely no risk, no monthly cost with just a little time investment which you could (safely and very cheaply) outsource to a VA.

As @synch pointed out, how did you grow them before without using a bot like Jarvee.

I think everyone in this thread is not quite getting it lol. Instagram allowed auto-scheduling to select few services, for example Later and Hootsuite (without violating TOS). Whats the poblem? Why don’t you just use them?

They’re hardly pricy, maybe a little bit more expensive than J’s lowest plan. But if they’re big pages and you think you’ll make money I don’t see why that would be an issue.

Not sure about the limits but you can’t get blocked for posting because they’re an Instagram partner. I use Later and auto post 30 per month.

This is also an option that’s free OP.

You are also able to use free Facebook Creator Studio for IG posting and planning for mutliple profiles

Of course! I don’t use it because I like to get an overview of all my clients in one place and it’s a pain for my clients to have to go into their Facebook pages, link their Instagram account, and then make me an admin.

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Can we automate the follow/un follow process with Hootsuit or Fb creator?

No, you obviously can’t.

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No. They’re post scheduling platforms


Im only hearing bad stuff about botting. This whole forum is ranting.

That‘s a great idea. I will take a look at it :slight_smile:

By posting. But recently I have bought multiple accounts and got +10 accounts now that are all relatively big. It’s a pain to post on all accounts

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Another reason would be automatic reposting. I heard Jarvee is able to do that

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Anything you do that is low-effort will have low-results. Reposting is not easy even if you’re not the one producing the actual content. Don’t get tricked into thinking you can build an account without actually doing some work – it’s just not true.

I built accounts to 2.3mio followers manually.

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