Is it worth it to even start on Instagram at this point?

Also, here is some data about my latest posts. No paid promotions, no shoutouts. Isn’t the low Explore reach kinda fishy? Am I doing something wrong?

I mean, TikTok is pretty much the only other option at this point- there’s no other platforms to go to.

YouTube marketing, though I would recommend people wait and see how badly COPPA screws things up before jumping in just incase.

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there is also adbreaks for facebook same thing as adscence with youtube but no one talk about it…

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How much Followers and Profile visits do you have if I may ask? :thinking:

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1053 followers / 877 profile visits in the last 7 days

LinkedIn lead generation is the place to go in my opinion, however, I am just waiting on the developers to improve the tool so it can be fully automated. The typical client management fee for linkedin lead gen is $300 + per month and I know a few agencies charging $1800 per month per client. As you can pay for LI premium there are no action restrictions so you can send as many connection requests as you like

LI is B2B oriented, though.

B2B is a good thing. As you will be generating real leads, you can charge so much more! Every business out there wants more customers and often will have far more cash to spend on it. You can make more managing 10 businesses than 100 Instagram clients

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Can’t say I’m an expert on the issue by any means but I think the main thing about a personal brand is not the platform but the community you are able to create and the ‘expert’ effect of people following your life and opinions. If you are knowledgeable about wine then they’ll appreciate your opinions and suggestions about wine and the wine culture.

For this specific purpose I’d say IG, FB groups and Youtube are the best.

When you’re considered an ‘expert’ and you have very interested and engaged followers on any platform you should be able to use it as a way to get into wine events or pitch wine companies for promos. But you need to be able to position yourself the right way.

Just my 2 cents.

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I am one of those who will tell you don’t bother. And here is why i think so. First all blackhat methods such as F/U will gain you bad quality followers that engage once and never again, they follow you easily first time and usually are never interested in your brand or products. Second, if you choose to go whitehat way for example shoutouts, creating great content, this cost a lot of money so its no-go unless you can somehow connect with popular people in your niche and get promotions for free which would be ideal. And third even if you gain some number of followers 20k or more nobody know what can happen with Instagram in future as we can all see how crazy their decisions are to hide likes, lower organic reach even more… I know some friends who had great fan pages on fb that are useless now unless they pay to boost posts if you insert link in a post you don’t get any likes, so why even collecting fans and followers when organic reach is lower and lower. So, Instagram for me is definitly no-go unless you are brand, company that need to promote products or services and you pay for ads and you can calculate profit and all that.


the answer is definitely do not even bother with instagram, it has nothing but action blocks and accounts blocks/supensions/disabled and you will run into nothing but problems and this comes completely from automation(bots) because instagram knows if its coming from your phone manually or a bot

you would want to try tik tok, the engagement is so high its ridiculous and they don’t have the bans and restrictions at the level that instagram does … you will have so much success and you better do it fast before they get to the policing level as instagram, right now you can spam the shit out of tik tok and yes I have gotten temporary suspensions after they gave me a warning that “im going to fast” then after i got another one then you get a suspension that last for 20 minutes and that’s the only thing I have seen as I was testing out the limits , and then you just continue doing the same thing and I got it several more times but never got anything further than the 20 minute suspension … there is shit tons of money to be made here

Yeah, if you’re spamming videos of teenagers dancing and lipsyncing memes. This guy is trying to promote wine. Not even remotely the right audience, or platform. TikTok is way too limited for most people, but sure if there’s a way to capitalize for those who can with the right niches, sure it could work.

Reminds me of a post a while back where someone was asking about trying to promote and monetize adult/camgirl stuff on TikTok… smh. Great way to get on an FBI list pretty fast.

if you actually look at it(which im sure you haven’t) that is not what tik tok is but yes there is a lot of videos of people dancing and lipsyncing… there is compilations of many types of videos and one that worked amazing for me is dog sweaters I dropship from aliexpress and il just mock up a video of cute dogs on imove with some effects and music and then use the proper hashtags and then they click , and what we need to start is an engagement group because this is gona be getting way bigger

Interesting that something like that works, and yes I have used it. But again, alcohol being promoted to teenagers will not work.

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I would remove the account name from the post, unless you want to wake up one day to it being banned.

Why is that? 13 char

Because you’re discussing using it with automation which is against IG TOS. Given the history of this software, you would understand that it’s a really high chance that they view this forum.

I am not using any automation. Full manual!

What TT software out there is everyone using right now? We are testing AUTOTOKKER but its $30 per account. Looking for something that we can scale to offer clients.