Is it worth more to have 1 million followers in 1 big niche or spread into 4 big niches?

I.e. is it more profitable to have 4 accounts in the car niche with 250k followers each
or 4 accounts in 4 different big niches with 250k followers each?

Thank you in advance!

Really need more information on your goals. If you are selling car related products, obviously 1 million followers in cars is way better than 250k in beauty, 250k in cars, 250k in sports, and 250k in travel.

With that being said, in my eyes the 1M account is more valuable than the 250k accounts because you are able to be more specific.

You could argue though if you have a product relevant to multiple niches that multiple niches would be better.

Really just need more info to provide a real answer.

So, what are your goals?


Yah that right there.
Having four accounts might provide more safety though, as you haven’t put all your eggs in one basket, not that this should be a huge risk if you’re good enough to get 1 mill doe.

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if you want 4 niches better think related ones, for example: football, basketball, tennis, golf. So you can later build authority in the Sport niche


4 accounts in 4 sub-niches + 1 account in the main niche that the 4 accounts relate to.

Sports Media Account (Main)
American Football, Basketball, Golf and Baseball (Subs)


I love this idea !

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I have several accounts in the animals niche, and I think it’s better to have 250k * 4 account than 1M on one account. Why ? Because in my experience 4 accounts will take many more subscribers (if you add up) than the only one at 1 Million.

There are still advantages to having a $1 million account, you only have one account to manage it is easier and the impact you have is huge.

Have a great evening all :sunglasses:

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Thank you for answering! My future plan was going to earn a bit of money with shoutouts and maybe use the followers as “free publicity” for a shopify dropshipping store.

For now I have one page in the survival/travel niche and I was thinking of making another one in the car niche and another one in the fitness niche. This is because if more interesting dropshippable products come I have more coverage on the market.

But then that thought came to my mind and I was wondering if the new pages should all be in the same niche…

Thank you for answering Raphael. Probably I didn’t express myself correctly!
The question was more like:

“Is it more profitable to have 4 accounts all in the same niche or 4 accounts in 4 different niches?”

Oh I am sorry, well that’s a great question !

To answer, I will quote Elon Musk:
“It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.”

If you are comfortable with a niche that is growing well then go for it!

Have a great day


That’s actually a great answer Raphael! Thank you for quoting Elon’s wise words!

I’m tending more to the spreading of my coverage for now, let’s see if I can have another couple of insights by other members of this group!

Thank you :heart:

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There will always be more power when concentrated. 4 accounts at 250k will NEVER have the power of 1
account with 1 million.

  1. Bigger pages will be more receptive to s4s with ya. 4 little 250k a waste of time.
  2. a powerlike from one big account will do more than 4 250’s
    those two alone will overtake any little page

here is another way of saying it
1 - 1 million or 10-100k

same thing, even there 1 account is still more powerful