Is it worth to build your own Smm Panel in 2020?

What do you guys think if someone can provide quality services than those other Smm Panels then is it worth it in 2020 to open a business with your own backend?

Not only for Instagram but for every other social media out there,what are your opinions if you can provide quality service?

Is there still a demand for Smm Panels or is it dead?

I think you’re much better off building a legitimate business operation than building a “business” selling fake social signals that could collapse if one of the major social media platforms put out an update.


What if I said you that updates won’t affect the business at all?

What would you do when you would have a long term solution for this and no matter what are the updates but still you could manage to provide quality?

This doesn’t sound like it would be provided through the typical SMM panel model.

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The New SMM Panel of the new era - bots you own that have a high trust score follow your account and engage on every single post … and you have to have them in every niche to suit every client. Easier said than done but if you could do that you would own the market

I have around 2k accounts ready,what do you think should be minimum to start my own Smm?

Around 10k would be fine according to you?

With all respect but you are asking stupid questions mate, if you are so sure that your business is special and would work for long-term you must believe in yourself and just do it. This market and niche is huge, but if you want to make some serious bucks you need to offer value and quality to your clients, but if that are fake likes, and signals, you are making mistake in first step.

Hire monkeys to do work behind the phones 24/7 ? this is the only long term solution for SMM panels anything else you just fooling yourself.

PS: just recently Facebook & Instagram Inc Sues one of the biggest fake engagement provider Nikolay Holper, creator of a service called Nakrutka (its the mother of SMM panels). So it’s just a matter of time until The Zukk goes balistic on SMM panels

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They won’t be fake at all and that will be taken care of,before investing $$$$ into this I need to make sure that I invest in the right place that is it and nothing else.

So what do you think it is worth it to dive into this market in 2020 or I better look somewhere else?