Is Jarvee safe for reels posting?

Picture this. I own an account for a really important brand that’s very important to me. However, I also do want to use my time efficiently, and schedule instagram reels/posts content every day without having to do any manual work.

Is Jarvee safe? Can I set it to upload videos/reels content for a year and forget about that VPS + Jarvee? This is ultimately my goal, to completely forget about having to post and for a software to do this for me.

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Yes, it is safe. Use API full emulation + good proxy (4G mobile proxy or residential proxy) on your account. You will still need to check Jarvee from time to time though. You can set Jarvee to send Email notification immediately when your posts failed to get published, when your proxy shows error status or when your account status changes to invalid.

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This is what Jarvee is meant for! Just make sure to add enough content and to check it from time to time. As @ossi said, email notifications will also help you to keep track of it’s actions.

Yes, but if you want to automate posts for a year, you need to make sure that you’ve got plenty of posts, and I would also recommend checking Jarvee from time to time just to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Hey have you noticed a black border on either side of your reels postings via Jarvee? The border is only visible on desktop, mobile phone users don’t notice it. I’ve reached out to jarvee support and their answer hasn’t been very helpful. I was wondering if you noticed something similar.

Does manually posted don’t have those borders when viewed from a desktop?

yes i have noticed the same but i think it’s an issue from IG side because the border don’t show when using mobile.

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yes i have. i check the older reels i posted using jarvee last year and they have black borders as well when i view them on EB/desktop browser.

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Then it is really an issue from IG end. Also, IG on the app is different from Desktop. Like the option to hide likes, can still be visible from the browser but not from the app.