Is Jarvee still working?

Hi !

Sorry to bother you, I know there are a lot of topics about this here but I only have a simple question.
Is Jarvee still working ?
I only want to do like on followers of some accounts for my own account.

I had Jarvee last year but then there was this mega block, Instagram detected a bot so I was blocked on some actions and Jarvee wasn’t working anymore on Jarvee so I stopped everything.
Now I can’t find a good bot for likes only so I’m thinking about Jarvee again but I want to make sure it’s safe now :slight_smile:

Thank you !! :blush:

Everyone will have a different opinion here,better that you try it yourself.

Learning something by yourself is much better than asking someone for help.

Yes but for 30$ i would prefer someone to help me and tell me if it works or not :sweat_smile:

Yes Jarvee is working


If you’re worried about the $30 then JV is not for you. You’ll be spending more on other things like scrapers and proxies to make JV work

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Thank you for your response.
Yes because it’s only to like for one account so I’m afraid it won’t be effective enough to worth it
Thank you :blush:

To keep that one account safe you’ll need some scrapers but for one account you’re prob looking at ~$50 a month

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Yes but the API is fucked so turn on Use only EB


Thank you all for your responses :blush:

So I will try again with Jarvee.
I’m on MacBook so I will install Amazon VPS, put my main account + an other small account that I had for about 2 years to scrape users to like for my main account and turn on « use only eb » on my main
Is this okay or am I missing something ? (Sorry I’m a little lost with all the terms and everything)

You should make sure to have proxy for your main account, because it’s not recommended to use VPS IP to run accounts since these IPs are usually misused in the past and your account would be flagged most probably.

I don’t really know a thing about proxy, how to get one and use one haha but thank you very much :slight_smile:

Then i would probably not advise you to start crushing on IG automation nowadays, especially if you plan to scale up later on. You’ll first need to eat months of knowledge, before the magic happens

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I forward this haha. Every week I think I finally “mastered” IG and then I run into a problem.

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Or, rather, the day you master it IG brings an update

I think that “mastering” automation should at first rather be played by the rules, with max. actions limits, and proper scaling. Too many people try to adapt the IG recent IG updates, without even trying to focus on the first point.

It’s like trying to run, when you don’t know how to stand up

Good luck @Nuki

What do you mean exactly? Start with really low limits and find what works rather than looking how to fix the problem?

If so, I can see what you mean. But when everything is fine and there’s a problem it’s usually a process of elimination and scaling when you have a problem is just asking for more headache lol

Yes, everyone has to start slow nowadays. But rather than fixing the issue, trying to find a workaround might be the way to go. I guess some issues can’t be fixed, especially when we are talking about limits / blocks / or whatever issue that one can have.

Definitely not easy, yeah.

Thank you both. I think I will let it drop then, there’s too much to know that I don’t understand and it’s too much of a risk haha
I will do it manually even if it’s a pain or pay someone to manage my account :joy: thank you !

For me, Jarvee is working great!

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You can test Jarvee for 5 days for free. It’s working and you can use your own system for one account. No need to pay for proxies as long as you don’t use more than 2 accounts