Is Jarvee working right now?

I gave up Jarvee maybe 8 months back or so when social media was cracking down and Jarvee was not working well and there didint seem to be a fix at the Time

How is Jarvee today? Are all the tools working that they are offering on their platform.

This questions has been answered many times already :smiley:
Jarvee works but you will need to do a lot of tests yourself. No magic fix released yet :slight_smile: Insta introduced new limits, we need to adapt with settings. It’s not like before June 2019.

Working fine since 2017 :slight_smile:

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Ok it sounds like I need to sit on the sidelines

I’m not proficient enough with Jarvee to be creative to be honest.

I used it before as a sit and forget type of set up. Follow unfollow in a certain niche and set up scheduled posts

I was able to generate awesome traffic to my websites from this. But that all stopped super fast!

Yeah, it’s not possible to do it that way but you can make it to work. Only difference is that you’ll need to apply all the safety precautions these days, including scraper accounts as well.

Jarvee is working perfectly but what changed is IG, new restrictions, limits, verifications, and all that, Jarvee devs have released many updates and included many strategies that you will find here on MPsocial, m/s, tag name, contextual actions…etc all those new options are very helpful.

Yeah, it’s a bit complicated these days but it still works :muscle: :muscle:

Wouldn’t risk a main account on it .

when you have the proper settings you don’t need to risk anything, if you set the scrapers correctly you will have no issues, most API calls will be done from the scrapers so your account will be safe.

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yep but i went back into jarvee without the proper settings i wish the default was more safer on jarvee. Then i ran into the settings post that helped. Now i have safe settings on child accs.

you should have contacted Jarvee support they are very helpful in technical stuff, settings, and all that, they will send you the proper ones and some articles to read.

What, it was working beautifully in April. Running API with no Captcha or PV + could do 15-20 follows in a row!! Set + Forget!! Good ol’ days.

Yeah, unfortunately, nowadays we need to adapt to their restrictions.