Is Jarveepro the same as the Jarvee we know?

I came across this website jarveepro(.)com and was wondering if they’re offering the same tool as the Jarvee we know.

Nope, this is a completely different product made by a completely different team of developers that ripped off Jarvee’s branding. I’d recommend to avoid this software at all costs, as it’s a blatant ripoff of Jarvee.

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damn, that’s shameful

Yeah, probably not worth it, copying the name…

that is not Jarvee that we know and use, they are using the same name but not the same software.

this is the only Jarvee that exist:

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I think a mod should delete this thread so that we won’t give them any more attention.

People are really ready for everything just for the money.

Stealing the brandname is kind of a shitty move, but hey if it works it works, but i doubt they’d do anything better than OG jarvee

There’s only one Jarvee – from only… anything else is a SCAM

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It’s like all the juice companies that are trying to copy Coca-Cola. It’s not bad, it tastes nice but it’s not like the original :smiley:

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