Is M/C dead? New blocks are killing the method

Seeing how now post likes, story mass viewing, and everything is pretty much going to a spam filter now… Is the method dead officially?

Nope, still going strong. Just need to be more creative and natural in your content.

Need to have the right niche, something that is trending. Using A.i. Instead of spin text for commenting and DMs. Need to put more effort and uniqueness into the pics and videos.
Tag instead of link. DM only after mutual following. And just keep testing.

To be honest, probably easier and cheaper to hire professionals,unless you plan on learning and monetizing in the future.

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Not dead at all, just need to adapt. As @Boris said - your accs need to look and behave more “naturally”.

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do you know someone who could set it up for me?

You mean setup Mother-Child method on a software? Which software?
Or setup the Child accounts, create and warmup and also the scraper accoungs? How many?
You mean the proxies needed to run a Mother Child setup?
You mean the content (Pics and Videos) needed for posting with the child accounts?
Which method, links, tags, DMs etc.?

Or rather have someone who already has all that setup, do it for you?

there are only 2 of them left here, for big scale things, always the same providers still in work for 2024. dont go anywhere else than them, mostly in websites if you pay they send you fake followers, lots of scams so be carefull and double check beforre placing orders, ask for proof. safe growing mate

Hi, I only need sending IG DMs, and scraping accounts.
What is the best method and do you know someone who could help me with this?
I want to reach new clients.
Thank you.

Do you have any suggestions where to hire the professionals?

being honest the best are here. just scroll the forum to find them, theyre are not many and can be easily found!

hopes it help

Thanks Frank! I’ll definitely message around :wink:

Any suggestions?

So you only need someone to do it for you. Then you just need an agency that does Mother - Child (Master - Slave) services.
The worth while ones will offer full packages with a strategy behind it, not just “follower numbers”. As mentioned, there you could run into issues with getting fake or useless followers for your market.

Let’s not forget, that the ideal situation would be to gain followers exactly in your area, language and niche. These new followers basically came to you through a pipeline that was specifically designed to feed your ideal followers / customers to your platform / e-commerce / Subscriptions etc.

If the child accounts are doing their job correctly, it will feed your mother account with paying customers. Not just follower numbers. And there the ROI is what will give you real value and proof.

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always the same around. you can find them by searching here a bit on that forum. don’t try to give a shot for most nice branded website because myself got scamed like this, ask for review an d prooves.

hopes it helps, good luck

It is definitely not dead.

We are still doing the strategy and now have scaled to nearly 1 milion social media accounts. If you hop on the Mother/Child adventure though, you need to be geared with patience and methodology (time and R&D are the most important factor).

Always start small, and once you found your routine, scale up :+1:


Exactly this. Neither M/C or Follow/unfollow methods are dead with the know-how and the right approach.

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The A.i. interactions are also doing wonders for these methods. The right prompts and it’s like "fishing in a barrel’.

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It hasn’t died even after the somewhat recent changes. You just have to adapt to the new playing field