Is MP using a different IP as mine? + Ideas about getting unbanned

I have a idea of kicking out banned insta-accounts. If MP using a different IP than mine, you could always say it was hacked.

The last days i got a strange message “login from indonesia”…failed but…yeah…i dont know where that came from.

But i was thinking about it… its a good way for business accounts like mine.

I have no proxy atm, but if massplanner using a different ip…or if i set one up (i hope i have not to say “yes” to it on my phone, so its maybe obvious…like the login from indonesia"…it could work like a charm.

You can always say, that your account was acting strangely since a while.
Just a…idea.

What do you guys think?
Because my account is really important for me. Its growing good at the moment but…yeah…if the hammer comes sometimes, damn, i will be prepared.
I already have pictures of my face on the instagram, so i can prove i’m the owner etc.

So…i think i wil l"check in" in the middle of the process with a proxy.
That could be my “get out of jail”-card.

So, let me hear your ideas about the topic.

Mass Planner uses your IP (actually IP of the computer where it’s installed) unless you assign proxy to your account.

About your strategy… Do you really think it would work? I mean, doing 1000s of follows from your (IP) then logging in through other IP just to fool IG?

I think they can easily track what IP you used to follow.
If your account is really important to you, then don’t play with IPs, don’t use aggressive settings and it will be fine.


It was just an idea. I never was aggressive, the MAXIMUM i’ve done on a day was 200 lol. And maybe 100 likes/200 Likes. I dont think i’m in danger…but…just imagine there is coming a ban…what could i do?

Some says they have to hold a paper with a number or something like this…but i think i cant say it was hacked, i mean…it was MY ip.

Yeah, the hacking bit probably won’t help, but considering how many actions you do ( which are really low) I’d say you’re safe from most problems, except if you post bad stuff and users report you…

Nah, i dont do that. I just repost with mention etc. and stuff, nothing fancy.

Yeah i think i totally overthink it…probably they just would softban me as a little “prepare, if you continue…then…”.

Massplanner will inform me if something happens, right?

If something happens, that will probably be phone verification. And you’ll see that in Mass Planner.

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