Is my whole area shadowbanned?

I had an account go viral and gain 70k in two weeks a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago I wanted to try my luck again and open another account, but it didn’t go well, and I didn’t know that you’re not supposed to open more than one account and opened 10 different account because I thought they weren’t doing well but they were shadowbanned. After realizing this yesterday, I tried open an account on my mom’s phone and on mobile data but it was still shadowbanned. Is there anything I can do to fix this and grow again?

How did you realised that is shadowbanned?

Getting 0 views on all video even after a few days.

This is also happening to me sometimes and is not shadowban, new content is added everyday on tiktok so they push the new one in front of the old one. That’s why I am using a automation tool to keep my content visible and to have new followers continuously

After how many videos do you get more than 1k views?

I do not believe that is a minimum number of videos for you to get 1k views. I have seen accounts that have videos of 100 then 3000 then 50 and then 10000 views. Tiktok does not deliver views, but calculates the engagement based on different factors (likes/views, comments/views, etc) and then puts your videos in front or not.