Is "photos of you" page important?

What percentage of (potential and ultimate) followers do we think view this part of the profile?

If it’s a main a/c, should it be cleaned it up, or left it with tagged photos from personal life?


A veeeery low percentage.

I mean, how often do you view this kind of page from others?

The only time I have, was when it was raining and the rain drop did it for me
Edit: I’m saying not many people will be seeing it, but adding to it won’t hurt

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i wasnt even aware such a page existed

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So nobody ever tagged you in a single post? Not even on your private account? :joy:


I don’t think it’s that important. Although being tagged in other user’s posts is always a plus.

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I think it’s quite unimportant, but once you reach a certain size, maybe slightly? I mean people will be checking the tab on large enough profiles, especially if it’s a person they’re curious about and want to see more, and not just a curated page posting random stuff.

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