Is posting via Jarvee API for Main Accounts really safe nowadays?

Hi, do you guys think posting via Campaign from Jarvee is safe?
My setting:

  • Change Hash MD5, and make the image unique before posting.
  • Spintax captions and hashtags
  • Use Full Emulation with high quality 4G Proxies
  • Repost Content with the permission
  • Posting 3-4 Posts per day, including Reels

But even though I am very strict with the setting, my accounts are still randomly disabled weekly with very old accounts from 20.000 to 60.000 followers after posting an image and video. (Captcha - Phone Verification - 24 hours reviews - Disable). Absolutely no email of report accounts.
These accounts didn’t do any action except post using a campaign from Jarvee.

I don’t know why IG disabled these accounts with reason, maybe IPs were flagged (I don’t think so), perhaps the problem with Jarvee’s API?
Do you guys have any experience or faced this problem? Let’s discuss

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yes i think for posting you better use hootsuite or somethin that is in partnership with ig and used by big agencies

I also tried to build some repost accounts with Jarvee and had the same problem - they got disables after a few weeks.

Maybe it looks like spam to IG when you’re just posting and not doing any other actions. At least thats what I thought because I didn’t do anything else but reposting.

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You also used api for this? Maybe automating via eb only is safer.

I think so yes. Eb really is safer now, also seeing this for my scrapers. As long as they run on eb they live forever.

I have the same issue with you. I only post images and video on reel via campaigns. All tools are off, only post media but my accounts have been disabled. The last one has more than 90k followers. :frowning:

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If you use EB to post, you can only post single image.

try maybe connecting manually with embed browser and post with it , if you want to scheule you can use facebook creator studio but i don’t know how you could setup proxy on it

I don’t think EB is safe, and it also posts only one image.
As I check, EB from Jarvee has been detected as Unreliable

well then as i said use reliable things like fb studio , hootsuite…they’re trusted by ig on it’s own so you will not be considered as spam account

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What do you do if I may ask.

Scrapers/child-slaves on EB
Main/mothers on Full API?

On some accounts, I’ve been using EB for months and never had any problems, so that really depends on many things.

Doing reposts alone may have triggered IG to be suspicious of your account. We do not recommend using the Repost tool for newly-created accounts.

I use campaign mode on newly created. Not too many issues.

1 account (~32k followers) disabled today, just post media from campaign, no other actions.

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Oh dam. Thats very weird. Full api or partial? Are the proxies good?

Full API, 4G proxy rotates every 30 minutes.
I have no idea why, old accounts have been disabled every 3-5 days. :frowning:

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How many accounts per 4g. If your only posting I would have rime frames when they are the only account active on that proxy.