Is redirecting to my main domain to avoid blocking on facebook safe for my adsense account?

i have a question
if i’m trying to avoid my main domain blocked (viral content website) in facebook by make some domains from platforms like blogger, etc to redirect to my main domain
my question is that safe for my adsense ? (redirect from domain to another domain that serves ads?)
thanks guys

Why not? As long as you don’t force users to click on your ads and use original content on your website. They’re not that strict with copied content too, just check all other viral news website, they all have same content…

Redirecting from your blogspot blog to main website isn’t violating their ToS in my opinion. Even if it is, they won’t do anything unless you’re earning couple of $$$ or $$$$ per day.

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I think it depends… there are several issues here:

  1. redirecting won’t hide your final destination, fb follows redirects, I’ve heard that redirecting while adding a certain delay like a couple of seconds might work and fb won’t follow it, but I haven’t tested it so I can’t say for sure.
  2. adsense might have a problem if your traffic won’t have a referral, if you do a redirect and somehow remove the referral it might be seen as fake traffic…

my advice is look more into this and try and find someone that did it with no problems successfully

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I would definitely not remove the referral as Jonny says that would likely get you flagged

@daverawcus so what do you recommend for me ??

What about using cloaked link which facebook can’t follow that easily?

cloaked link for adsense, definitely a no-no …

@Johnny so why no with adsense ? ?